Do men work harder than women?

Men work much harder than women, that’s why they don’t live as long (According to some radio show I was listening to) they have it seems far more stress than women and afford themselves less time to relax.
Life for me has been a little hectic lately, balancing motherhood with my passion for work. Last week I went to Majorca for a couple of days, Olivia is over there with my mum for a few weeks, she goes every summer, I wanted to surprise her & be there when she got her GCSE results! Sensational idea Jason and I thought, we checked out the diary I could fly out the day before and come back the day after in time for the weekend’s weddings. The plan was simple; I wouldn’t take any luggage just a rucksack. I did a 20 hour day the day before and then I got up at 4:00 did some work on the computer, the wonderful and lovely Jane at Pure Beauty came in at 7:30 to do all my maintenance work (Waxing) and put diamonds on my toes (I was assured that this was neither tarty nor too young for me), I sorted out the job sheets, did a lovely wedding appointment with a super couple for next summer and then whizzed to the airport. I was last to check in, first on the plane (I have no idea how), I slept for the entirety of the flight landed at 8:30pm I raced through Palma airport, my fabulous step father was there to meet me. Olivia had been told that he had a meeting with Tim the pool man, Mum & Olivia with my sister in law Michelle & my niece Charlotte & nephews Daniel & Nathan went off to our favourite restaurant. At 9:30 Glenn & I walked into Maison Del Rey mum positioned Olivia right in the middle facing the door, the place was full. Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes, she was so thrilled to see me, everyone in the restaurant it seemed was crying. Now this is very humbling, my 16 year old daughter really wanted me to be there she was genuinely thrilled to see me, she isn’t soppy or soft in fact quite the reverse, she is strong willed, independent and very, very beautiful (I am not biased in any way). It was a magical couple of days; the GCSE results were truly amazing and surpassed our wildest dreams. It was superb to spend precious time with my stunning and clever Olivia we are sooo proud of her.
Then I was back, as if I hadn’t even been away, (the food in the fridge was still in date), weddings for Sarah & Kirsten and then Saturday Victoria’s wedding from The Clifton Arms, what a glorious weekend. On Sunday an early wedding at No.1 then to Edinburgh to pick up Rebecca, and to see a couple of shows, we arrived back in the early hours of Monday morning, in time to deliver a bouquets to The Grand Theatre for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
On Tuesday I rang my mum, my brother had arrived, his wife had packed his case for him, left him some ready made meals all prepared so that she could take the three kids on her own to Majorca and get them settled before he arrived, Mum said Peter’s really tired I intend to spoil him completely, he works so hard you know, my mum works incredibly hard too probably far harder than she should, she always has, but even she is convinced that men work harder than women, it simply isn’t true! Although I have to admit Jason did stay at home and keep everything going whilst I gallivanted off to Majorca!


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