Susannah & Marcus Sheridan 29th August 2008

Spanish Moss & Lasting Elegance
The very thought of this wedding evoked images and dreams of the perfect late summer day, mellow and glimmering, glowing with softly striking colours, surrounded by friends, loved ones and happiness. Everything our minds conjured up at the thought of the day, cool bubbles of champagne against the gentle sun on your back. All of it was absolutely real and truly beautiful, creating something of substance and fitting for the best of memories. In order to make the most of this image we wanted to add elements of elegance and subtle quirkiness alongside a hint of vintage romance, we included details like the poppy seed heads for gorgeous little Poppy the flower girl. Using complimentary diverse colours such as; fresh greens, aubergines and bronzy pinks, together with the golden heart motifs, all of this to compliment the Spanish moss fabric of Rebecca’s gown. Incorporating a variety of textures; curling swirling rose, the waxy finish of an Anthurium, Plump smooth & spikiness of a Poppy seed head and the smooth and linear elegance of a Calla lily. Another important ingredient in the wedding was the sense of heritage, the historic nature of St Leonard thee Less Church at Salmesbury and the natural beauty surrounding both venues were a source of great inspiration for us. It provided an air of longevity to the day and the marriage as a whole. We wanted contribute to this by ensuring that every single flower we used was truly and individually beautiful.
The overall look is to be one of lasting elegance and unique beauty.

Bartle Hall were as always superb, the tables were set beautifully.


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