"Trolls" in the cave

So in "The Middle" which is a huge no frills warehouse/work room space where we create all our wonderful event/wedding designs, this is where "Rosie disposition" (a touch of irony here) reigns Rosie was trained at "Constance Spry" many moons ago, she does the most magnificent wired work imaginable, but is the untidiest being that ever lived. Rosemary is famous for her "sucking lemons face" and making the best handles on bridal bouquets.
The picture on the left is Rosie & Ben in the alley between the middle and Fd the other piccy is Rosie (Left) and Vicky in "the middle" preparing for a wedding. Vicky & Shirl work with Rosie on Thursdays and Fridays, when all of the fresh flowers come in. Rosie does all the preparation at the beginning of the week and through the summer we have a few stalwart students that come back from Uni's to assist her, some even return after they've left uni and started full time employment. Zoe is one such being, she started at FD when she was 15 she is now 24 and a primary school teacher, she works with us almost every summer and as many of the peaks that coincide with school holidays as she can.


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