Sara & Tom 25th July 2008

Sara, what a sensational dress, I love it. What a relief it was to hear Tom say that he loved the flowers, I am, as a rule very anxious to get the brides approval, but in your case I did feel Tom's seal of approval was essential. Congratulations to both of you!

Stewart "Stewy Vuitton" from S & P on Orchard Road did a fabulous job on everyones hair, I particularly liked Sara's the flowers were put in beautifully but Sara still looked natural, brilliant work! for those of you who might not know Stewart he is only slightly eccentric and carries his cat Oscar in a Louis Vuitton cat carrier, he definitely adds more than a touch of magic to a special day.
The lovely Jane from Pure Beauty (when anyone refers to Jane they always say "Ah the lovely Jane") she is amazing, she can make me even look good, she never makes me feel self conscious or unattractive and she does the best most natural looking make up I ever see at weddings, I can't say that she had her work cut out with this gorgeous bunch, but she did do great work all the same.
Caroline as ever at The Grand did the fastest turn around known to man, we really appreciate the effeciency there, it really does make all the difference working with people who really know their jelly beans.


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