Flower Fairies & Fairy Castles

This is the second of many "bloggings",First of all let me introduce you to the team of “Flower Fairies” and give you a little guided tour I apologise in advance for the length of this second blog...

We have two flower shops, Kathleen's in Blackpool & Flower Design in St. Annes. We have a refrigerated unit just down the alley behind Flower Design, and between "The Fridge" & "FD" we have a workshop known as "The Middle", up stairs at FD we have a bridal suite "Sally's office" and a small staff room/kitchen. Flower Design's shop floor is divided into 5 spaces/rooms.

The first room on the right is the heavenly “Flower Room” with a bank of the most beautiful seasonal flowers imaginable, the fragrance and colours bombard you as you come in the front door. On the left is the “Blue Room” it hasn’t been blue for about eight years but the name has remained, in the blue room we have small tableau’s of life style desirables with a flower twist, this month we’ve been all about garden parties, from bunting to lanterns, butterflies to Kites, we have loads of fabulous designer vases and some much more user friendly utility glass ware.
On the left at the back is a quiet room for customers who would like a little privacy, this area is “Jason’s Office” and where he organises staff rotas and amazing FD seating plans for weddings & events.
At the back in the centre is the “Flower Theatre” we have a couple of bar stools in front so that, the most important people in our lives, fantastic flower buyers can sit and watch their purchases being created into something utterly gorgeous. This area is Rachel’s domain she is the shop manager, she has a great team of young designers that work with her, Jo has a degree in photography and produces some of the most modern and innovative designs, Shirl who is probably the most conscientious and immaculate florist I have ever worked with, Ellie, Emily and Little Jane who all make really beautiful creations.
Back right is the “Back room” everyone has one, it’s the drawer in the kitchen you don’t want any one to open, but contains all the essential paraphernalia to make anything.
Emma has a degree in fine art and is part of the management team she oversees all of the downstairs, she checks everything before it leaves the shop, she ensure that there is always lots of pick up and go posies in the door way and that the flower room and shop front look absolutely spot on.

Sally’s office is where we see all of our Brides & Grooms, Sally is our bridal & events co-ordinator, she is really quite bossy but extraordinarily well organised so we love her. The bridal suite is a really pleasant space with a huge plasma screen to show our enormous portfolio and lots of beautiful albums provided by some of our favourite photographers. This is where I show the sample wedding bouquets and our Brides have an opportunity to hold them, see themselves in the mirror possibly draped in our previously loved many times before wedding dress.

I will introduce you to the team in the middle, the drivers and Kathleen’s next time


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