Angel of Mercy

Hallelujah we’ve done it, we have managed to find some wonderful, fantastic, great human being to do the cleaning, I am so happy I can’t contain myself. We have tried before, it seems there is a snobbery among domestic management, we didn’t it seems have the correct post code, number of bedrooms or separate utility room, this makes us un-worthy. We did however have two teenage daughters this makes us double un-worthy. We work staggeringly seven days a week, we used to only work six and half and then it seemed like it was easier to stay at work than go home and face the housework. My mother is to blame for my a) work ethic and b) lack of domestication, she taught us to cook, appreciate beautiful things, choose a good man (I‘ve had a 50/50 success rate) and bring up children, but not how to clean an oven or a toilet. My mother in law who is truly a saint among women, does occasionally come over and do the ironing, she is also running a boot camp for my un-tamed daughters to teach ironing, cleaning (including emptying the Dyson, which Jason and I have never mastered). I however feel her efforts are wasted particularly on Rebecca, hygiene it seems doesn’t apply to her or the way she intends to live her life, Olivia however is tidy and does iron but not when “Jeremy Kyle” is on, or “Runs House” on Sky these shows seem to be on 24 7.
So Sheila is the angel of mercy prepared to take us on, prepared to re-arrange us, make us more user friendly, I offered Olivia as an un-paid assistant but Sheila declined, she seemed to understand the call of “Jeremy Kyle”.
The diet is not going well Emma made Birthday cake for Rosie & Rebecca, gorgeous chocolate cake, Emma is the queen of cakes, so in line with only eating good things, I had to have some, Jason & I shared one slice, it was delicious and approximately 300 calories but in the words of Rev Run “What yer gonna do?”
I’ve seen three new beautiful brides today, one with a wedding on New Years Eve, one on Maundy Thursday (Easter Thursday) and the other Christmas Eve 2009, so all on really important big dates. I love weddings around festival times, the guests are all much more family and party spirited. Speaking of wedding I got a really great email off Elizabeth Johnstone one of my brides’ mum’s from a couple of months ago…
“We have just had the DVD back. It is fabulous and we cried all the way through it!! AND I also bought all the rushes which are 4 DVDs of everything taken during the day. Boring for everybody else but brilliant for me and Siobhan. ANYWAY, you feature quite heavily on the rushes and we truly didn't realise how much effort you put in on the morning of the wedding. There's somebody fixing ties - Jane, somebody pinning flowers in - Jane, somebody telling the bridesmaids how to hold their bouquets - Jane, somebody telling Siobhan to walk slowly - Jane, and somebody getting unruly babies to walk properly - that will be Jane!!!! Before they came down the aisle the priest said”Now then, first of all 4 little ones are going to coming tearing down the aisle before the bride “AND THEY DID’NT!!Jane, you were fantastic and worth your weight in gold. The flowers in the church and the hall were simply stunning. People are still talking about them. I know I have said it before (more than once) but I can't really find the right words to convey my thanks for your help, your skill and for just being you. Look out for a little treat in the post next week for you and your team - just a small token of our thanks. Love Liz and Siobhan Oh, and the wedding are going to be featured in a magazine later in the year so look out for a credit!!”


Jane, don't forget who recommended Sheila to you! I am loving this blog malarky, something else to get addicted to,I'm sure everyone else is enjoying it too.

CONGRATULATIONS for yesterday you are both so talented, can't wait for the blog entry for that day.
Lots of love Sals x

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