Amazing Dinners & Apologies

What an amazing evening we had last night with Shannon & Peter, Andy (A Gastro sexual, just to confirm this means a man that cooks) & Emma. The food was so good and after discovering yesterday morning that I am in fact officially obese I decided that one “Last Supper” was essential and oh boy what a last supper. Shannon is incredible not only is she beautiful, artistic, creative and a fab mum but it also turns out she can really cook.
The trouble with obesity is that I have had a lot of practice at eating; consequently I have really high standards. I once read “French Women don’t get fat” I follow the mantra… don’t waste calories on rubbish food, only eat really good stuff, which I do, just too much of it as the nurse confirmed yesterday.
Shannon’s chocolate mousse in the vintage tea cups and saucers was just luscious, stuck to the roof of your mouth unctuous (is that a made up word?) I wish I could eat it again, but today it’s just veggie soup.
The worry is that by tonight I know I will have weakened, Rebecca’s birthday tea looms, Calamari & fillet steak, Lemon Tipsy drizzle cake (The tipsy bit is a glug of Limoncello). I’ve tried to convince myself that by the time I’ve cooked it I won’t want it, but I will. The answer is don’t cook it but that wouldn’t be fair on Bex so what the hec I’ll start the diet tomorrow.

Apologies; today I’ve had two, from the most unlikeliest of people, Jason was the first, he never says sorry, but this morning he did. I am quite honestly the very worst driver possible and going in reverse is damn near impossible, so this morning reversing was required to get into the parking “squeeze” behind the shop, I was driving “Bruiser” Rebecca’s little blue bombshell, I couldn’t do it, so I abandoned, handed the keys to the big guy and asked him to do the honours. Half an hour later he storms up to the office throws a parking ticket at me and shouts, I got upset a combination of PMT & lack of sugar, and he was eventually forced to apologise. Then total amazement when our very good friend Mark from No.1 rang and said straight away “Sorry for shouting at you yesterday” now the thing that worried me the most was that I hadn’t realised that he had in fact shouted at me the day before, am I getting thick skinned or are they de-sensitising me?, I decided to milk the apology for all it was worth because it probably won’t happen again, I wondered was he weakened by a lack of sugar and PMT too!


jason Thompson said…
I cant remember apologising.
andyc said…
I have to agree, what a wonderful evening, and as for obesity, good food, good wine, good company....3 goods that equal 1 bad
lifes to short.....
shannonk said…
WOW! With a shower of compliments like that, I will cook for you anytime Jane!

In retrospect I am glad I had such little notice. Being in the company of such culinary genius I might have tried to overdo it and created a complete disaster.

Please read "In Defence of Food". I found it to be so inspiring. It lead me to plant my own veggies!
mary whittle said…
Jane, very amusing but very distracting - too busy working !!! but will add you to my favourites.

Mary xx
mary whittle said…
Jane, your blog is too distracting - i'm busy working and you are far too amusing! Will add you to my favourites for a little light relief.

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