Afternoon Tea, Pimms & Croquet at Bartle Hall for Vicki & Sam's Beautiful Wedding

This was going to be our Adele's first proper wedding, she's been on the FD Events side lines for about eight years now, she's an important member of our back room and PR team so to speak, but from now on she'll be a part of the all industrious "FD Avengers Team" for the past few weddings she'd been shadowing Ruby but on this occasion she was in charge and Ruby was there just in a supporting roll.
The day started early boxing up the bouquets, then once at Bartle Hall she was pinning on boutonnieres, moving flowers around from ceremony to reception and of course taking a few photos of our beautiful flowers, a nerve racking set of responsibilities but Adele took it all in her stride, setting up a stunning wedding for us and taking some gorgeous photographs too!!!xxxx
 The Bridal Bouquets were closely inspected, their handles bound, blooms sprayed and then they were all carefully wrapped up in FD tissue ahead of the big reveal

 Each Boutonniere was checked, labelled, pinned, sprayed and packed up
At Bartle Hall, Adele was taking pictures as Ruby presented the Bouquets to our fabulous Bride the lovely Vicki and her Bridesmaids
Now this is what you call multi tasking, Having you hair done, sipping Champagne and taking delivery of your wedding bouquet, our beautiful Bride Vicki could probably juggle!!!xxx

So beautiful!!xx
That bouquet smelled heavenly, we'd included Peonies Bowl of Cream, white Lilac, Forget Me Nots, Rosemary, Sweet Peas, Juliet & Keira English Garden Roses with Vuvuezela, Miss Piggy and Engagement Roses, Astilbe and pale blue Hydrangeas
Ruby showed everyone how to carry their Bouquets properly, how to put them down again and also explained about making sure the Bouquet is placed on the Registrars table during the signing and that Vicki remembers to pick it up again afterwards!!

Ruby introduced Vicki to the flowers in her bouquet

Downstairs Adele lined up all of the 'Super Hero & Lego Character" Boutonnieres ready to pin them on to the all important gentleman guests as they arrived
The Bride Groom's Avalanche Rose with Forget Me Nots, Hydrangeas and of course 'Luke Skywalker' complete with with light sabre

Fresh Rosemary, an Avalanche Rose with Hydrangeas and Forget Me Nots and 'The Joker'
A Vuvuezela Rose with Rosemary, Hydrangeas and 4 Good Roses and 'Han Solo'
A Miss Piggy Rose with 'Bat Man'
Vuvuezela with 'Emmet' from the Lego movie
Vicki's very own Super Hero the lovely Sam with his 'Luke Skywalker' Boutonniere
Super Hero Rose Boutonniere
Bat Man himself Angus the Best Man

Inside The Windsor Suite the scene was set for the ceremony with chair dressings by the great folks from Creative Cover Hire
Along the top table LOVE was spelled out clearly with fresh Roses, Peonies, Lilac, Forget Me Nots, Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas arranged in posies
A Miss Piggy Rose

Additional vases and jars were dressed with ribbons, hessian and lace, they were filled with fresh flowers and candles too
The two Fireplaces in the Windsor Suite were also dressed with posies of fresh flowers

The Wedding Cake was dressed with corsages of fresh flowers at the base

Forget Me Nots

Our Bride Groom with his lovely Mum

Our Bride looked truly gorgeous
The Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the Bride's Bouquet

So lovely!!!xxx

Huge and ginormous Congratulations to Vicki & Sam from all of the team here at Flower Design

The famous Bartle Hall Pimms were ready for the celebrations
Everyone spilled outside to enjoy their Pimms in the sunshine

What could be lovelier than a string quartet out in the gardens of Bartle Hall

Guests played Croquet whilst photographs were taken

Inside The Windsor Suite a transformation had taken place

Each table was dressed uniquely we'd used vintage books and hessian squares and tea light votives  with a combination of posies of fresh flowers in a variety of vessels the largest one covered over with a Bell Jar

The Top Table looked magnificent
A series of glass bell cloches were placed over the LOVE posies and additional posies

The tea cups and saucers are Bartle's own provided a perfect colourful addition, wild flower seeds were the organic table favours

Exquisite fresh Cake Corsages

Each place setting was set for the famous Bartle Hall 'Afternoon Tea'

Bowl of Cream Peony

Our work here was done, huge thanks to Vicki & Sam for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them.


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