Charlotte & Craig Whalley-Hunter's Candlelit Wedding Day At Atmospheric Samlesbury Hall Featuring Stunning Images From Lottie Designs

This wedding was simply stunning and we are lucky enough to have some beautiful images provided by the brilliant Charlotte Boothman of Lottie Designs Ltd to share, I know you'll enjoy them...
We have known our beautiful Bride Charlotte's family for many years, her very gorgeous Grandma and Auntie used to come to our Flower Design Flower Club so it really was a huge pleasure to be asked to design and create these wonderfully wintery designs for them all last month.
The spectacular surroundings of Samlesbury Hall was the venue for both ceremony and wedding breakfast, the plan was for a twilight wedding, a ceremony scheduled for 4pm in January results in a magically candlelit affair, we'd surrounded the front door with a collection of our lanterns, illuminating the pathway leading from car park to the front door. (These first images are provided by the super lovely Lottie Designs Ltd)
Inside the magnificent Great Hall we'd dressed the aisle with candlelit hurricane lamps and fragrant Rose Petals
A huge wreath of winter foliages, Spruces, Ivy and bundles of Cinnamon dressed the wall just behind the Registrars table

The spectacular chandelier was dressed with a garland of fresh foliages, Gypsophilia and Amnesia Roses

The Registrars table was dressed with voluptuous designs of Hydrangeas and Roses with chunky pillar candles, framing the registrars table were two of our Baroque style candelabras
The large Hurricane Lamps lining the aisle with fragrant Rose petals surrounding each one creating a sweet scented journey to matrimony

Voluptuous Registrars table designs
Our Baroque Candelabra was dressed with a garland of fresh Roses and Hydrangeas with trailing Ivy and bundles of sweet scented Cinnamon
Bundles of pungent Cinnamon sat amid the English Garden Roses

A wreath of fragrant seasonal evergreens with bundles of sweet scented Cinnamon hung on the wall where Queen Ann usually resides
Samlesbury Hall is a truly atmospheric venue I love how romantic it looks illuminated by so much candlelight

(These are our images but I think you will have guessed that!!!) At the back of the room two tall vases stood on the side tables filled with Pussy Willow and white Hydrangeas, suspended in the stem of the vase is a single Amnesia Rose

Jason presented the beautiful bouquets to our lovely Bride and her Bridesmaids (Lottie's Images)

The following images were taken by Jason...
I included a plethora of vintage toned Roses in the wedding bouquet alongside Fresh Lilac, Tulips, Freesia and Ranunculas
Jason showed them all how to carry their Bridal Bouquets

Back to the beautiful images provided by Lottie Designs
A Bridal Bouquet of Roses; 4 Good, Bubbles, Vendella, Keira, Patience, Amnesia and Quicksand with White Lilac, Tulips, Freesia and Ranunculas, the handle of the Bouquet was bound with lace

By the entrance a pair of Hunter Wellies in honour of the Groom's name were filled with fresh flowers
Whilst the light was still good we managed a few of our own shots outside this magical building, our lantern trees framed the front door beautifully

And inside the view from behind the Registrars table

Jason lined up all of the Boutonnieres ready to pin them on to The Groom and his Party, our Bride Groom's rather special boutonniere included an English Garden Rose 'Patience' with small Rose Buds 4 Good, a white Ranuncula and Snowflake Gypsophilia
The Best Man's Boutonniere featured a Quicksand Rose with a 4 Good Rose and Gypsophilia
Craig, Charlotte's super handsome Bride Groom complete with his Patience Rose Boutonniere
A Wintery Patience Rose Boutonniere
Jason pinned all of the boutonnieres in place

The Great Hall was filling up nicely
The Bride & Bridesmaid's had got ready upstairs so arrived in the bar looking pristine and beautiful
They carried their bouquets perfectly and were wearing fresh Gypsophilia in their hair

These next images are of course Lottie's and show how breathtaking our beautiful Bride looked and how lovely her Bridesmaids were too

A Bridal Bouquet of Roses; 4 Good, Bubbles, Vendella, Keira, Patience, Amnesia and Quicksand with White Lilac, Tulips, Freesia and Ranunculas, the handle of the Bouquet was bound with lace
Back to our haphazard efforts ....

Our fabulous Bride with her super proud Dad

Massive & Ginormous Congratulations to Charlotte & Craig from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

The fabulous James Edgar entertained everyone beautifully, he really is sensational!!!!

Charlotte's beautiful Grandma

The wonderful Charlotte Boothman at work capturing all of the magic
Our very happy couple the brand new Mr & Mrs Whalley-Hunter
These following images are from Lottie Designs
Darkness had descended and the candles glowed
Inside the Great Hall a transformation had taken place
The tables were dressed with a combination of table centrepieces, some were high and others low all were surrounded by our silver and pearl candlesticks, and silver and gold Tea Light votives
The Top Table looked luscious and voluptuous with full designs of Roses and Hydrangeas with candles arranged in between and amongst

 Tall elegant vases filled with a magnificent display of Hydrangeas and Pussy Willow, a single Amnesia Rose was suspended in the vase at the base of the design

Posies of fresh flowers and candles

A few of our own snaps next this really was a magical wedding day

Huge thanks to Craig and Charlotte for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them


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