Christmas Purples for Helen & Darren at the Very Seasonal Singleton Lodge

We knew this wedding was going to be glorious from the very first time we met Helen, Darren and Anne (Helen's lovely Mum),  the rich purple palette was their motif, beautiful blooms in a myriad of textures, we included super glossy Calla Lilies, velevety Roses & Senecio, spiky Eryngium Thitles, tissuey Helebore, Marguerites, Mistletoe, fragrant Freesias and Hyacinth with fluffy Ranunculas
Our beautiful Bride the lovely Helen was presented with her Bridal Bouquets by our Josie who showed everyone how to carry their bouquets
The Bride's Mum's Hand Bag Corsage of Roses, Kochia, Wax Flower Blossom, Snowflake Roses, Freesia, Calla Lilies and Hydrangeas with Albiflora and Senecio providing that all important touch of silvery grey

Josie headed off to Singleton Lodge where we'd dressed the front door with a bundle of 'Kissing Mistletoe'

Just inside the porch, the Singleton Lodge Christmas Tree greeted guests and one of our vase designs decorated the front desk

Josie lined up all of the boutonnieres ready to pin them on to the Groom and the important guests as they arrived
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere featured a dark Calla Lily with Eryngium Thistle, Lissianthus buds, Mistletoe, Senecio and Marguerite Daisies
 All of the Ushers Boutonnieres were created individually, each one unique and different but using flowers that appear in the Bridal Bouquets
A beautiful Violet Lissianthus Boutonniere
A Boutonniere featuring a Christmas Rose 'Helebore'
Eryngium Boutonniere with Lissianthus and Wax Flower Blossom
Helebore Boutonniere with Daisies and Senecio

Helen's super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Darren complete with his very special Calla Lily Boutonniere
The Bride Groom's Christmas Calla Lily Boutonniere
Deep Purrple Lissianthus Boutonniere

Helebore Boutonniere
Christmas Rose Boutonniere
Eryngium Thistle Boutonniere

Inside the Ceremony Room the scene was set with a plethora of Fairy Lights and Candlelit Lanterns
Framing the Marriage Space two of our Hurricane Lamp designs were placed on tall pedestals, each one was surrounded by a luscious wreath of fresh flowers including Roses, Hydrangeas, Calla Lilies and Hyacinth and Freesia

The lovely Bridesmaid Catherine was the first of the bridal party to arrive, she looked lovely in her deep purple gown and fur shrug her bridal posy matched the shades perfectly
Here comes the Bride...
Helen looked quite simply fabulous when she arrived we loved her shorter gown it really suited her and her Bridal Bouquet looked wonderful

Helen with her super proud Dad Peter
And then with her super proud Husband Darren, massive Congratulations to these two
Whilst everyone congratulated our Bride & Groom a transformation was taking place, our fabulous Hurricane lamps became table centrepieces and truly magnificent they looked too
We'd created the Hurricane lamp designs in two sizes as the tables are different sizes at Singleton Lodge, the larger ones we'd used during the ceremony looked excellent on the larger tables
Whilst the smaller versions looked just as perfect on the smaller tables

Ginormous Congratulations to Helen & Darren from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

We used the Bridal Bouquets in vases to frame the Cake

Our work here was done it was time to leave  the party in full swing, huge thanks to Helen, Darren and both families for choosing to use Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them.


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