Soft Vintage Pink Shades at Browsholme Hall for James & Laura

This was such a heavenly wedding not least because our Bride & Groom were so blissful, so overjoyed with each other that the day couldn't fail to be a magical and memorable one. 
Laura's brief was so pretty, the shades so warm and delicate, lots of texture; lace and pearls, heritage blooms like Sweet Peas, Lily of the Valley, Peonies and Garden Roses gathered together as if plucked from a garden that very morning and tied together with swatches of Laura's Bridal Gown lace
 I do so adore the moment of presentation, my Bride's know their bouquets, because I've made them a trial bouquet a few weeks before the big day, so it's like greeting an old friend, a friend that's easy on the eye, and so sweet scented they take your breath away!!!

 For the Bridesmaid's it's their first introduction and I'm aiming for "Love at first sight" we always do a little "Wedding Bouquet Carrying Lesson" FD Events style
Then Mike & I headed off to St Wilfred's in Longridge, a fabulous Church with a truly lovely Priest who was kind enough to allow us to place the Pedestals on either side of the Altar
 The Pedestals were in a very English Floristry style reflecting the myriad of arch shapes throughout the Church, we included Pom Poms of White Alliums with upwardly striving  White Delphiniums and pink Larkspur, Frou Frou Pink Peonies and Hydrangeas dominated the focal area so voluptuosly and feathery Asilbe and lacey Dill completed the design so perfectly

The Boutonnieres and Corsages were lined up on the cool stone windowsills awaiting their rightful owners
 Grandma's handbag Corsage in shades of pinks and purples, Orchids, Hydrangeas and Bombastic Roses with Astilbe
 The Groom's Mum"s Corsage of White Peonies, Pale Gren Orchids and Rolled Rose Petals with Sweet Peas
 A Sweet Peas and Biedermeir Rose Boutonniere for the Father of the Groom
 White Peony and Pink Sweet Pea Boutonniere
 A fragrant Patience Rose with Nigella and Sweet Peas

 Voluptuous Pink Sarah Bernhardt Peony
 The Bride Groom's Rather special Boutonniere of Lily of the Valley, a Keira English Garden Rose with Bombastic Floribunda Rose and Sweet Peas

 Fragrant Bay Trees framing the front door to Church
 The Groom's lovely Mum wearing her corsage of Orchids and Roses
 Laura's super handsome Bride Groom James
 The Best Man
 The Groom's Dad
 The lovely Hannah


 The arrival of the Bride's Mum & Bridesmaids

 The Bride's Mum looked truly fabulous and her corsage of Bombastic Floribunda Roses with Astilbe and Lily of the Valley looked perfect with her ensemble

 The Bridesmaids Bouquets toned perfectly with their nude Bridesmaids gowns
 Our stunning Bride Laura really did take everyone's breath away when she arrived at St Wilfred's

 The fabulous photographer for the day was the amazing Lisa Aldersley

 Massive Congratulations to Laura and James from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

  Keira Rose Boutonniere
 A beautiful vintage cameo pinned to the handle of Laura's Bridal Bouquet

The celebrations moved on to the historic and magical surroundings of Browsholme Hall and Tithe Barn where the drinks reception was in full swing

Over in the Tithe Barn the scene was set for a magnificent banquet candlelit candelabras filled to overflowing with fragrant blooms dressed the tables
The guests were greeted by one of our fabulous Enchanted Tree combined Seating Plan & Wishing Tree

Bird Cage card collector
 The little "Wedding Wishes" Cards were displayed on this lovely three tier cake stand
 I loved the family Wedding photographs which added to the historic atmosphere beautifully

 Tiny vases dressed with lace and cameos filled with perfumed blooms filled the table tops along with candle lit votives and framed table numbers

 Our Regency Candelabras stood tall and elegant above each of the guest tables

 The Top Table looked so majestic with our "Beauty and The Beast" Table design

 In the Tithe Barn Courtyard beautiful Butterfly Lavender plants filled the air with the sweetest scents
 Browsholme Halls's own flowers picked from the garden dressed available sides and looked so beautiful
 fabulous Rhodedendrons in the ladies powder room again picked from Browsholmes own gardens
 Our work here was done, huge thanks to Laura and James for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers!!!
Here's a link to the fabulous Blog Posting featuring this heavenly wedding on the super talented Lisa Aldersley's Blog 


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