Part 3) The Epic Wedding Day of Yvette & Chris "The Church Bit" at St Bartholamew's Church Chipping and The Inn at Whitewell

St Bart's in Chipping is one of those magnificent Churches that seems to have it all; the most beautiful and historic building in a mesmerizing setting with manicured gardens, fabulous Bells, a wonderful choir and a sensational Vicar!
Jason and I were there early to put the finishing touches to the floral Arch around the Church Door, we wanted the look to be voluptuous and extravagant with some heavenly fragrances circulating the village of Chipping, deliciously fragrant Stocks, Peonies, English Garden Roses and Sweet Peas were used amongst a base of fragrant English Herbs
We were back at lunch time just ahead of the guests to light all of the candles in the lanterns lining the path leading to the Church door
Inside the windowsills were decorated with posies of fresh flowers and candlelit Birdcages

By the Font a magnificent Pedestal greeted the guests as they arrived, we'd included statuesque Delphiniums, Stocks and Molucella alongside fluffy Hydrangeas and velvety fragranced Norma Jean Roses and Astilbe
The ancient internal pillars were swathed with natural garlands of Sperengerii, Hostas, Amaranthus, Peonies, Hydrangeas and Roses
Each alternate pew end had a posy of Astilbe Roses and Hydrangeas

On either side of the Altar two elegant designs of Gladioli Delphiniums, Antirhinnums, Roses and Hydrangeas sat on the two corner shelves
Around the pulpit a lovely design of Hydrangeas Lissianthus, Dill, Hydrangeas and sperengerii tumbled over the sides beautifully
Out side the gates depicted the Bride & Grooms intials in fresh flowers, the hand rails were dressed with garlands of fresh flowers
On both sides of the steps leading up to St Bartholmews from the main road in Chipping were dressed with posies and lanterns
The posies were fresh, fragrant and beautiful
The Bride's initial "Y" for Yvette was created using Roses, Sweet Williams and Hydrangeas
And "C" for Chris

The seriously "On Point" Groom's Men were first to arrive, in position and ready to meet and greet the guests

Even the back gates were dressed with pyramid Bay trees for the guests parking behind the Church
Fragrant Bay Trees were dressed with sweet scented Stocks and positioned along the route that the bridal party would take
The "Be-Boutonniered" guests started to arrive so many of them wowed and seduced by the exquisite flowers a perfect pre-cursor to the beauty of the Bridal Party

Yvette's very proud Mum wearing a corsage of Phalaenopsis Orchids
The completely wonderful and super talented Alan from Kent Photography capturing every moment of magic on this special day (No mean feet I can tell you!)
More super glam guests all wearing their corsages and boutonnieres with style

The Church was filling up nicely

Chris was pacing nervously!!

The Bridesmaid's arrived looking so beautiful

The Bridesmaids were wearing fresh Delphinium Florets in their hair
The Page Boy was wearing a miniature version of the Usher's Boutonnieres

Danielle looked absolutely stunning and carried a Bridesmaid's Bouquet of Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Roses and White Peonies

Molly the adorable Flower Girl carried a posy of Lily of the Valley and Sweet Peas

Next to arrive was a completely fabulous Bride the stunningly beautiful Yvette

Yvettes Classic White Wedding Bouquet of White Peonies, Sweet Peas, Lily of the Valley and Roses was quite simply perfect!
Yvette's Bridal Gown was by Suzanne Neville and was provided by the wonderful ladies at Dreamcatcher Bridal

Molly's beautiful Flower Girl Posy of Sweet Peas & Lily of the Valley

The Crown hanging above the Bride & Groom was dressed with Palms and Stocks

Molly did the very best reading I've heard and believe me I've heard a great deal

Massive Congratulations to the brand new Mr & Mrs Taylor from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

A truly stunning all white wedding bouquet of Peonies, Roses, Lily of the Valley and Sweet Peas
The very best Flower Girl was then the "Rose Petal hander outerer!"

Our Gorgeous Couple were then Showered with fresh fragrant Rose Petal Confetti!

The Flowers were loaded up into two of our vans

Roda signs guided the way back to Whitewell

The Celebrations then moved on to the wonderful surroundings of The Inn at Whitewell where the Toast Master was waiting to Greet them
The Final Instalment will be right here tomorrow!


Samit said…
Again a Masterpiece. Would like to Congratulate you guys for out of the world work you are doing. i m really fond of your work and like to view your blog regularly.

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