Ben & Claire Kinley's Heavenly Ashton Memorial & Hipping Hall Wedding Day

Ooh this really was a beautifully elegant wedding, a very intimate affair with every element so very carefully considered and chosen, Ben and Claire knew exactly the kind of relaxed and elegant atmosphere they wanted to create, I loved their unity in our meetings, they were definitely singing off the same hymn sheet which made designing their wedding flowers a very organic process.

The wedding was between Christmas and New Year when flowers are in short supply and very expensive, it was crucial to get the selection just right, exquisite desirable flowers but blooms that would be available; Crisp white Hyacinths, Hellebores, Muscari, Bridal Crown, Germinis Amaryllis, Million Stars, Fresh Olive Branches, Ranunculas, Lavender, Rosemary, Euclayptus, Ivy & Tulips, were all used to great effect.

The colour palette of really soft clotted creams, Crisp whites, ivories, glossy and mossy greens with just a hint of lavender would blend perfectly with the Ashton Memorial setting and would help to create that relaxed elegant vibe we wanted to achieve.

So the day began bright and early with breakfast on route up to Lancaster for Jason & I
and the delivery and presentation of Claire's wedding bouquet, we all got a bit emotional before Jas & I headed off to Williamson Park and The Ashton Memorial to set the scene for the ceremony...
Two Bay trees on either side of the front door

The interior of Ashton Memorial really does take your breath away, it's stunning!
I adore the symmetry of the space, the vast columns outside leading into such a splendid perfectly symmetrical room
The registrars table design with suspended candlelit glass spheres
The pedestals flanking the ceremony were 8ft tall column shaped designs we used in the lower half lots of woven Salix, Hazel and Olive, we intertwined fresh ivy and mossed in lots of fresh sprouting bulbs and then hung white Amaryllis filled with fresh water and suspended candlelit spheres, in the top half we arranged fresh Rosemary, Lavender, Million Stars and Eucalyptus

The brides parents were amongst the first to arrive so we pinned on their co-ordinating Corsage and Boutonniere in place I loved this deep blue Anemone corsage
The lovely Jennifer (you may recognise her as a very special FD Bride from earlier this year Link ) I love dress corsages they really look fabulous, the pink eppaulette Corsage of Cymbidium Orchids looks fabulous, it does help when the ladies wearing them are so gorgeous too!

The Groom's lovely parents again with complimentry Corsage and Boutonniere The musicians were brilliant and perfect for the occasion and setting

The Bride and Groom arrived together relaxed and happy...

Fresh Rose petal Confetti Cones

Ben & Claire looked so wonderful and it was the perfect entrance...

A perfect kiss before the ceremony!!!!

Lights camera action...

There was lots of love and laughter

Huge congratulations to Ben & Claire

Everyone enjoyed a champagne and cup cake reception

The celebrations then moved on to the fabulous surroundings of Hipping Hall
The rural setting of Hipping Hall was a huge consideration in the designs we created for the tables, I really wanted to reflect the landscape and the season; bring the outside in a bit...

The table in the dining room was set in a large open square format, dressed simply with crisp white linen, immaculate glassware and butter slates.
The table designs were created from twisted and contorted willow and salix interwoven with bulbs and mosses, Champagne glasses were then melded into the organic living sculpture and fresh spring Hyacinths, Jasmine, Hellebores, Lavender and fresh herbs were arranged in little pockets throughout.

The two column shaped pedestals sat on either side of the wine table
This was a fabulous wedding a real joy to be involved with, huge thanks to the wonderful Mr & Mrs Kinley for choosing Flower Design to provide their wedding flowers! xxxxx


Your floral creations are so lovely! With that muted color scheme of white, ivory, and just touches of green, plus that woodsy touch of intertwining twigs--you somehow managed to make the look warm and inviting despite the winter chill!

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