Aad The Cymbidium Orchid Grower, To Know Him is to Love Him!

Aad is an aquired taste, a little like Cymbidium Orchids, as it happens I thought he was brilliant, a real character, he's one of those people much like my own late father who truly believes that the world revolves around flowers, actually in Aad's case the world revolves around the Cymbidium Orchid!
This nursery is on a ginormous scale with Orchids in various stages of developement
Aad does actually speak English though not to us of course, so he showed us rather like a mime artist how the stems are hooked up to wires above to ensure they grow straight.

When they are picked they are hung upside down to prevent them from being crushed

Hans aka "Mr Cool" from Metz was our translator I suspect he chose his words carefully as Aad didn't seem to be in good humour or perhaps he's just not keen on people in his greenhouses with the Orchids.

You can see here the lines connecting to new buds pulling them upwards

I love this green orchid she looks so proud

The orchids are all sleeved and boxed very carefully by hand before being transported to Metz for distribution to the florist on the same day.

You see I thought Aad didn't like me but I must have been wrong, he gave me a gift you see a miniature Orchid box complete with a pen so I can write him love letters......


Orchids are amazing flowers and these in particular look stunning!!

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