Exquisite Ashton Photography Images of Gibbon Bridge Wedding

I know it's not politically correct to say you have favourites but I make no apology for telling you Ashton Photography are hugely brilliant and are, as a consequence one of my most favourite photographers in Britain no the world, no the universe etc etc.
This set of fabulous shots from Jaydene & David's wedding shows you precisely why!....The wedding is in the Band Stand at another favourite of mine Gibbon Bridge I absolutely love this venue, if you're thinking rural wedding, gorgeous setting, perfect food and exceptional service this is for you!
We used a bright and happy palette for these blooms focusing on seriously vivid shades to pick up on the colours in the magnificent gardens surrounding Gibbon Bridge.

We lined the steps to the band stand with lanterns and little posies of fragrant garden flowers

The Floral seating plan was arranged on a "Welcome Ring" with the flowers divided up into sections the flower names representing the tables

Jaydenes wedding bouquet was a cornucopia of garden goodies including Fuchsias, Oncidiums, Aquilega, Blue Bells, English Garden Roses and Gloriosa

The Bridesmaids wearing Jade carried smaller versions of Jaydene's wedding bouquet

The cake was topped with a posy of Sweet Peas, Craspedia, Alchemilla Mollis & Viburnum Opulus Berries

As you can see Gibbon Bridge is a really exceptional venue, their attention to detail is legendery, Richard (He mainly looks after the weddings) has been there for ever which is always a good sign at a venue and he really knows his jelly beans, he knows what works and what doesn't, the food is to die for, the smells eminanting from the kitchens always drive me mad! any way Janet the owner and hands on cook & organisor is always on-site overseeing everything which is seriously reassuring!
Steve & Stephanie Ashton are consummate professionals, they are a joy to work with and they deliver precisely what they promise stunning images that make the memories of this special day last a life time, what more could you want from your photographer


R. said…
i love the gloriosa lilies and the billy buttons! Fun bright colors for a unique wedding. Great job!


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