Puss in Boots

I am a little concerned, you know when you get to an age when you can’t be sure if something is appropriate for example don’t show your knees over 45 (Unless you are a super model), my daughters keep me in check regarding certain phrases nothing whatsoever is “Cool” any more, “On Trend” never “Trendy”, “Vibe or Groove” are words never to be used in public.
Ugg’s, boots that is, seem to transcend all age groups, we all know we don’t look great in them but they are so damn comfy, like a snuggle on each foot, small children wear them, grandma’s wear them and middle aged florists wear them. Wellies are useful, sometimes glamorous, apparently though over the knee boots are completely out of the question for ladies enjoying the middle or in fact later decades of their lives, however once you are over 70 you can wear, say and do almost anything (Except show your knees) and you will be considered as a bohemian, an eccentric in fact downright fabulous.
Rebecca has taken up a new position in a Boot shop in Camden Lock called “Berty & Gerty” Rebecca has been a frequent customer at this establishment, buying boots that were previously owned and loved by none other than David Bowie, these boots are in a size 9 Rebecca is a 6 and Jason says that you can see her coming long before she’s arrived. She loves this job and managed a substantial bonus on her first day, this has, however catapulted Rebecca into the position of footwear style icon/Guru, today it seems, she is wearing red ribbed tights (not a leg wear colour to be worn by the previously loved or owned group of society to which I belong) along with blue snakeskin fold over boots and a navy & white polka dot skirt, this ensemble is her uniform for “Flyering” (Her other, theatre based job), as she was crossing the road, stranded on the centre island the traffic was stopped for Prince Charles and Camilla, I wondered if they spotted a seriously patriotic looking young lady trying to entice them to the theatre!


Zozo said…
I have to say the over the knee boots are out of the question whatever your age (unless you want to get a bad reputation!) Its certainly a no go area for classy ladies like ourselves. I fear Rebecca would not be seen dead in them or with any one in them.....not quite the artistic and full of flair style the groovy lass is now used to. Thats what London does to you...turns you into a walking patriotic symbol! Go girl if you have the courage to do so! I wish I could carry off such a look! I'm even struggling with Ugg boots, but upon returning at Christmas I may well show off the fashionable bright pink wellies that I've recently added to my shoe collection!! They even do them in giant feet sizes!!

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