Crystal Blush & Elegance

Crystal Blush & Elegance
Victoria & Chris’ wedding day was to be filled with blissful elegance and delicate beauty evoking a sense of instinctive happiness in each and every one of the guests. All the splendour and rosy cheeks of a summer’s day, therefore through the flowers we wanted to continue the notions of fresh feelings and sunny romance. The primary colour for the day was fairest pink, sumptuously pretty and intrinsically princess like. We wanted the church to be enriched by the blushing grandeur, using delicate shapes and complimentary colours, swirling roses and elegant, curving calla lilies. The ballroom at The Clifton Arms was already indicative of sunshine and blue skies; we wanted therefore to introduce the flushing pinks and whites to it. Using tall, fresh, candelabras filled with meadow-picked delphiniums, sweet scented roses and the last of the summer’s sweet-peas. The overall look was to be effortlessly subtle but innately ‘wow’.
I feel sure that all of this was achieved and some, Victoria looked utterly stunning, the diamante encrusted gown and Gina shoes were so gorgeous.
Father Damian as always did the best sermon, we really enjoyed the whole Gin & Tonic analogy, St. Annes Parish is one of the most welcoming Churches we go to, everyone is so lovely and always very complimentary about our flowers, it really is a pleasure to go there.


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