Jewel Colours For Lucy & Guy's St Wulston's Fleetwood & The Grand Hotel St Annes Wedding Day

Lucy really has put her heart and soul into the plans for her wedding flowers, she holds the Flower Design Events record for the number of emails and communications sent (I can't imagine her record will be broken any time soon!!).
 I have created bridal flowers for lots of weddings for Lucy's family so I knew how dramatic these flowers needed to be, Lucy is a massive flower lover and has an extensive knowledge of varieties, as a consequence she really wanted to see all of her favourite blooms on her Wedding day.
One of our Signature Floral Hearts was hanging on the front gate at St Wulston's Church greeting Lucy & Guy's guests as they arrived at Church on this bright and sunny September Saturday
One of Lucy's absolute favourites were the lovely white Hydrangeas and we'd used lots to create this glorious floral heart
On either side of the front doors basking in the Autumn sunshine were two of our fragrant Bay Trees dressed with Skimmia and David Austin's vibrant Rose Darcey
Just inside this vast Church two magnificently traditional Pedestals stood like sentry's on either side of the foot of the aisle
Beautiful White Hydrangeas and Green Goddess Arum Lilies created a magnificent focal point
Exquisite full and voluptuous White Rose
White Delphiniums, Green Molucella, Snowflake Roses, White Hydrangeas, Arum Lilies and Roses created these magnificent pedestal designs, the lovely ladies of the Church dressed the altar

In the Porch I'd laid out the Boutonnieres and Corsages ready to pin them onto the all important guests as they arrived
We had designed different Boutonnieres for each of the Groom's Men 

The Bride Groom Guy's Boutonniere of fresh Lily of the Valley, Lissianthus, Corn Flower Buds, Skimmia, Viburnum Berries, Astrantia, Champagne Grass and framed by lovely Ivy Leaves
On the Windowsills all around Church were pictures of Lucy's relatives at weddings at St Wulston's throughout the years, it would appear that the Buschini's love of fresh flowers has been very much a part of their heritage for many generations
I love this photograph I imagine it was taken in 1920's these Bridal Bouquets were probably created on Moss Balls

The Lovely Guy, Lucy's handsome Bride Groom was first to have his rather special Boutonniere pinned in place
The Darcey Rose has an almost luminous quality making it the perfect choice for the Groom's Boutonniere
Matt was wearing an Eryngium Thistle and Cornflower Boutonniere
Blue Eryngium & Cornflower Boutonniere
My personal favourite Groom's Man was the lovely Lance who did a sterling job of handing out the order of service and providing a warm welcome for every guest 
Lance's Boutonniere was an elegant White Rose with a Snowflake Rose Bud, all of the Boutonnieres were finished off with grey and Ivory Ribbon to compliment their suits

The Priest was superb we'd met before at St John's in Poulton and he recognised my flowers (not me!!!), he used to be an RAF Chaplin and conducts a truly personal service
Three generations of lovely ladies
Grandma's beautiful corsage of Rolled Quicksand Rose Petals with ivory Rose Buds
Uncle Duncan's perfectly Purple Lissianthus Boutonniere

The arrival of the fabulous Bridesmaids wearing splendid Jewel toned gowns and carrying matching Bridal Bouquets in Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby shades
The Ruby Red Bridal Bouquet included Hot Chocolate Calla Lilies, Black Bacara Roses, Dahlias, Succulents, Poppy Seed Heads, Astilbe, Albiflora, Dahlias, Peonies and Viburnum Tinus Berries

The Sapphire Blue Bouquet included Delphinium, Cornflowers, Hydrangeas, Eryngium, Lissianthus, Orchids, Viburnum Tinus and Eucalyptus

The Emerald green Bridesmaid's Bouquet included "Super Green" Roses, Poppy Seed Heads, Succulents, Dracaena, Green Dianthus, Green Hypericum, Hydrangeas, Viburnum Tinus, Blanchette Roses and Avalanche Roses with Champagne Grass and Eucalyptus

The super Glam Bride's Mum was wearing a Corsage of Rolled Metalina Rose Petals and Rolled Avalanche Rose Petals with 4 Good Floribunda Roses

Our stunning Bride the lovely Lucy took everyone's breath away when she arrived at Church carrying her British Heritage Floristry wired wedding bouquet in rich jewel autumnal tones
This Bouquet really was a team effort, the wiring alone took Shirl a couple of hours, I put it together another hour and a half and my fingers are still aching today and our Vicki put the handle on for us, so a bouquet with bags of heart made with love and a passion for this style of traditional floristry. We included fresh Lily of the Valley, Darcey Roses from David Austin, Cornflowers, Hydrangeas, Roses in a plethora of shades, Lissianthus, Eryngium, Viburnum Tinus, Skimmia, Poppy Seed Heads, Hot Chocolate Calla Lilies, Astrantia, Dracaena Leaves and Ivy

Lucy with her Super Proud Dad

Massive Congratulations to Lucy & Guy from all of the team here at Flower Design Events
Splendid Traditional "Tear Drop" shaped Bridal Bouquet

Green Bridesmaids Posy
Blue Bridesmaid's Posy
Red Bridesmaids Posy

Jason was busy moving the Pedestal designs out of Church to transport them to the wedding reception venue 
The fabulous Photographer for the day was Emma Buschini we really can't wait to see her images, her two sister Jessica & Harriet did the most brilliant job of hair and make up, what a fabulous team eh!!!

The celebrations moved down the Fylde Coast to the magnificent Grand Hotel in St Annes one of our all time favourite venues the events team there headed up by Caroline Shorrock is quite simply sublime!!!!

Now Lucy had removed her veil you could see her fabulous hair flowers which matched her bridal bouquet beautifully

In the bar simple glass cubes each with an individual variety of flowers dressed all of the posseur tables and low bar tables
 Hot Chocolate & Picasso Calla Lilies looked splendid in this designer glass cube
Exquisite Black Baccara Roses arranged in a glass cube
Blue Eryngium, Hydrangeas and Delphiniums
An array of family wedding photographs dressed the bar area
Hydrangeas and Calla Lily Cube
Orchids and Dahlia Cube
Red Amaryllis and Red Roses
Blue Classic Hydrangeas
An archway of Hydrangeas, Roses and Orchids leading into the magnificent Banqueting Room mesmerized guests with it's magical vibe
Inside the room was dressed simply with flowers really creating the Wow factor, vibrant colour in a variety of heights, shapes and sizes
Glass candlestick topped with a sphere of fresh green blooms
An explosion of Blue Hydrangeas and Baby Blue Eucalyptus with Hydrangeas, Eryngium and Orchids arranged on top of a tall elegant conical vase filled with Blue Delphinium jelly
A glass candlestick topped with a sphere of purple Hydrangeas, Orchids, Alliums, Monarda, Calla Lilies and Lisianthus, trailing Amaranthus completed the design
The Green Candlestick sphere included Orchids, Hydrangeas, Dianthus, Super Green Roses, Anthuriums, Chico Palms and Snowflake Roses
Some of the tables had low but quite huge glass cubes filled with petal jelly and topped with a glorious design in one of the vibrant jewel tones

The Amethyst Purple Cube design looked perfect
Dramatic Ruby Red Table explosion of Leucadendron Safari Sunset with Ruby Stocks, Molucella, Calla Lilies Garden Roses and Astilbe
Along the length of the top table a collection of glass cubes in a selection of sizes each one filled with a posy of flowers in a single block colour continuing the jewel colours theme

Each of the cubes were set on a mirror which reflected both light and colour

The two pedestals from Church took pride of place just behind the top table

The Green & White Cube was glorious and included heavenly cloud like white Hydrangeas with Green Orcids, Roses, Dianthus and Monarda

Blue Delphinium Heads were set into the jelly in the tall blue table design
Lilac Hydrangea Petals were set into the jelly beneath the exquisite cube design

Our work was done it was time to head home for a rather large G&T and a long soak in a hot bath, huge thanks to the Macklin's and all of the Buschini's for having us on board to create these magical wedding flowers, what a glorious day!!!!xxx


Lucy Macklin said…
Truly gorgeous, stunning flowers FD. It was amazing. So many guests kept coming up to me exclaiming "have you seen those flowers!!!!"

Many of the guests who themselves have been to their fair share of weddings said they had never seen wedding flowers like these.

Guy and I maintain the flowers made the event. The fantastic food at The Grand, the weather, but above all, the flowers (and of course all of our family and friends)!

Words fail me to express our thanks and delight. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment in recommending this fabulous team of dedicated professionals. Incredible.

Thank you thank you thank you Jane, Jason, Ruby and co.

P.s in my defence (!!!) Jane asked me to send her a mood board which I didn't have time to do (having a 13month old), so she said to send images and inspiration on email. Apologies for the huge pile of paperwork I created!!! X

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