The Final Cut of Lucinda & Phill's Amazing Epic Vintage Wedding Day at St Chad's & The Villa at Wrea Green

I don't know where to begin with the tale of this eclectic Wedding Day, Lucinda is just so amazing,  when we first met her, she had all the balls in the air so to speak, career, babies and a wedding to plan, she made Rachael and I feel inadequate, we looked at her first mood board and advised her to make it a little more focused, it wasn't until we saw versions 2 and 3 we realised that this was in fact focused it was exactly the look Lucinda wanted.
 The wildest most random and beautiful collection of ideas, with soft subtle, vintage shades for the Bridal Bouquets, and vivid colour creeping in to Phill's Boutonniere, crescendoing with a marquee to make your toes curl, your senses assaulted with vibrancy and detail, so much to take in, so well thought out and so, well so Lucinda & Phill!!!!
Huge thanks to our lovely friend and stupendous Photographer Anurag from Shutterleaf Photography, a more perfect photographer for Lucinda & Phill I couldn't imagine!!! These first few images are of course Anurag's and throughout the posting there are pockets of his lovely images that help me to tell this very special Wedding story
Lucinda's wedding Bouquet included some of her favourite David Austin Roses Miranda, alongside Memory Lane, Amnesia & Metalina Roses, with "Love in the Mist", Brodea, Sweet Peas, Lily of the Valley, Hydrangeas, Astilbe, Eryngium Thistles, Pepper Mint, Oregano, Dill, Rosemary and Thalaspi completing this glorious wedding bouquet

Lucinda's lovely Dad's Boutonniere of fresh Rosemary, Lily of the Valley, Oregano, Alchemilla Mollis and a Memory Lane Rose
The Bridesmaid's Bouquets were truly delicious and included a heavenly collection of Herbs and Roses, with Astilbe and Love in The Mist

I love this image from Anurag, the two Flower Girl's Pomanders one with a lace handle the other with a pearl handle

Lucinda's heavenly gown

These next few images are of course our own haphazard efforts, I'm quite sure you didn't need reminding

 Lucinda's wedding Bouquet was so beautifully fragranced

 The large "Floppy" bow was finished off with an embroidered button

 The Flower Girl's Head dresses looked so perfect
The Pomanders really were the perfect choice for these gorgeous little girls
Back to Anurag's splendid images

We headed off to St Chad's where this floral heart hung on the gate looking very graceful

Phil's vibrant Boutonniere of a sprig of Lily of the Valley, an Avalanche Rose, with Achillea, Alchemilla Mollis and Chelone
 The Ushers Boutonnieres were a bit on the wild side with a variety of Roses, and Herbs tied together to create a slightly less formal vibe!!

Phil is so handsome and his Boutonniere was perfect

This lovely image of the Bridal Party arriving is of course by Anurag of Shutterleaf Photography

 Back to ours....

 Lucinda looked absolutely breathtaking when she arrived at St Chads in Poulton

Anurag's beautiful image

These next few are all of course provided by the brilliant Anurag Sharma of Shutterleaf Photography and they tell the story so beautifully

There was a Christening too!!

Huge Congratulations to Lucinda & Phill from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

 Back to the Flower Design Photographs

We headed off to the fabulous surroundings of The Villa in Wrea Green to finish off setting up before the Bridal party arrived,  our Josie would be following up later with the Floral Heart after the Confetti  

Random glass jars covered with "Nana's had crafted wraps" filled with fresh flower posies and tea lights decorated the outdoor tables

 Jugs of vibrant Sunflowers dressed the "Lemonade Table'

 The Homemade Lemonade was provided by the lovely Vikki of Cupcake of Blackpool

 I loved all of Lucinda's amazing details

 Bubble machines were cranked up in anticipation of imminent arrivals

 The fabulous Anurag Sharma of Shutterleaf Photography

 Our Josie arriving back from Church with her heart in her hand

Anurag took this one of me just before the Bride & Groom arrived

The Floral Heart in it's new home, pointing the way to the Marquee 

Beautiful Cars from "Clouds" brought the Bride & Groom with their entourage






Time to show our Bride & Groom the Marquee

 The magnificent Seating Plan from the lovely Kelly of Flutterby Couture

 Each of the tables were filled with a plethora of flowers, cake and vintage decoration

 At the entrance of the Marquee the two Brampton Lamps were dressed with posies of fresh flowers

The top table was quite simply amazing
 The vintage Crockery was supplied by the lovely Chris Grattan of "Beautifully Vintage & China Hire" in Fleetwood

 One of our lovely Vintage Birdcages surrounded by fresh flowers graced the Bar

 Our beautifully individually decorated vases, jars and bottles of fresh flowers graced every table

Vikki's Beautiful Vintage Victoria Sponge Cake from Cupcake

Lovely Gloriosa and fragrant Freesias

The top table really was something else!!!

A Cake created from Cheese from Vikki at Cupcake decorated with fresh flowers

 The following images are all by the fabulous Anurag from Shutterleaf huge thanks to him for providing them

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party, huge thanks to Lucinda & Phill for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers it really was a joy!!!


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