A Tiny, Incy Wincy Preview of the Most Gorgeous Wedding Ever!! of our Beautiful Friends Elise & Marcus Fernandez

We were so honoured to be invited to a very special wedding yesterday, so as I'm sure many of you FD Blog readers can imagine I have taken quite literally thousands of photographs, in this tiny preview I have chosen three images that don't give to much away too soon...

I may have to show you this wedding in installments over the next week, I laughed, I cried, I sang, I ate, I danced and I loved every single second, I can't wait to share it with you, until Tuesday my friends!!!!


Oh Jane, you are mean! Stop teasing and show the pics.. n yes, I am stomping my feet...

PS. I am wondering, do you always stay throughout the wedding? Cuz it seems that way from your photos..
No I am only there until we have moved the flowers from the ceremony to the reception, if it's a civil ceremony using the same room for both ceremony and reception the change over takes longer, but for this particular wedding we were lucky enough to be invited to the entire day!
Nice Jane! Pleased with the 50D then?!?!

Glad you had an amazing time - great to see you getting to enjoy a wedding as a guest for a change!


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