Saturday, 31 October 2009

Halloween Table Designs

We hope you have a fabulous Halloween Weekend, I for one have stocked up on lots of sweets, I think I'm going to leave them in a couldron outside my front door for Trick or Treaters to help themselves to, I don't want anything to disturb my X Factor Viewing!

Baby Pumpkins & Squash dressed to kill with fabulous fresh flowers and Black marabou Feathers

Rachel designed these "Trick or Treat" Delights

Jo took their picture

If you want to see more pumpkins check out this fabulous Halloween Christening Party

Friday, 30 October 2009

Our Annual Christmas Door Wreath & Garland Luncheon at The Clifton Arms In Lytham

Last year we had absolutely the very best time with this event check it out here, it's your opportunity to have a go, get creative and make your own pieces of festive floristry.

The Clifton Arms are hosting it for us this year with a cornucopia of festive food starting with mulled wine and festive breakfast canapes at 10:00 am
Followed by our hands on Workshop then

at 12:00 Noon we all stop for one of the Clifton Arm's famous Roast Sirloin of Beef Sunday lunch .

We then continue with our afternoon programme of making and creating with a little break for afternoon tea cakes around 3:00pm.

Can you honestly think of a better way to spend a Sunday?

Dates 29th November & 6th December

Ticket Price £25.00

If you click on the poster all of the details will become beautifully clear!

The Wreaths will be priced dependent on size and start from £30.00
Email me or Jess
for more information or to book

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Table Designs at The Grand Hotel St Annes

Simple Autumn shaded topiary style table centre pieces

Top Table Design to compliment

Flower Design Wedding at The Inn at Whitewell

The Bride wore a pale pink wedding gown by Benjamin Roberts, her bridal bouquet was a collection of pale Pink Callas, Pale PinkCymbidium Orchids, Sweet Avalanche Roses, Pale Pink Nerines and Old Dutch Roses. Windowsill arrangement of Roses, Tuberosa and Lissianthus, we always use lanterns on the windowsills in St Michael's because it looks so warm and welcoming from outside.
The Blackberries looked so perfect against the stonework

Chris; a Yorkshire Rose for a Yorkshire Groom, we'd arranged an arch of hops and roses over the doorway.

A Sweet Avalanche Rose with fresh Hops in the porch area

The Bridesmaid's wore ivory and carried small pale pink posies I dressed the Lytch Gate again with fresh Hops and Hydrangeas

Fresh Rose Petal Confetti

Congratulations to the gorgeous Bride & Groom

Rain, Rain go away!

Jason moved the Church Pedestals into the corridor where we'd also put the seating plan screen

The Marquee looked quite fabulous with candelabras dressed with Roses and Orchids

Low silver bowls filled with hydrangeas, roses, nerines, Curcuma and orchids

This was a really beautiful wedding day for a fabulous couple.

Ghost Trees at Ribby Hall, Photography by Chris Astbury of The Astbury Studio

Ghost trees on the tables dressed with Phalaenopsis Orchids

The venue is the really lovely Ribby Hall

Take a look at The Astbury studio Website

Top Table to match
The whole Flower Design Story is right here link

The Fruits of Autumn

A simple and elegant design perfect for a coffee table, with woven and swirled Typha, Lily Grass & Calla Lilies, surrounding a bowl of mosses & Apples

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fantastic SilverDell Evening with Jack Dee

The stage was set gorgeous arrangements of Pink Oriental Lilies & Hot Pink Gerberas
The Books were ready, the fabulous team from SilverDell were raring to go

The audience arrived Jack Dee performed! and it was brilliant, he was seriously funny, his brand new book "Thanks for Nothing" is as far as I've read last night totally hilarious.

The audience had an opportunity to ask questions
And then we got our books signed
This is the gorgeous Jessica our new Sally!SilverDell have got copies of the book all signed and perfect for a Christmas gift

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Caroline & Matthew Gosling's "Wuthering Heights" Flower Design Wedding Day at Hoghton Tower

Firstly I think I'd like to share with you our original thoughts and inspiration behind this exquisitely beautiful, authentically autumnal wedding day...

Wuthering Heights:

Key words: Dreamy, Candle lit Romance, Earthy tones, Soft mosses, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, Romantic Heroine, Windswept, Natural, Simplicity in terms of structure.
Colours: Ochre, Champagne, Crème, Ivory, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, highlights in gold.
Flowers: Poppy and lotus seed heads, Brassica, Rose hips, Grasses, Lichen branches, Roses, Viburnum Tinnus, Oak leaves, Rosemary for remembrance, Ivy trails and berries, Mosses, Heather, English Orchids such as a ladies slipper orchid.
Sundries: Slate, Granite, Wood, Candles, Nutmeg and Cinnamon Sticks.
Shapes: Wild, Natural and Spontaneous
Designs: Simply tied no voiles, Natural uncomplicated designs
Senses heightened by: Fragrance, Colour, Taste and Texture.

Baring in mind your chosen venue along side the time of year your wedding takes place we get an overwhelming sense of rustic opulence. Hoghton Tower in all its grey grandeur stands proudly against a backdrop of country moors, a scene that ensures that we cannot help but think of the windswept, bucolic setting of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. A tale of passion, love swept along with natural imagery. We would begin to create this look using subtle autumnal tones; slate greys turned aubergine by autumnal showers, leaf browns and clotted creams interspersed with subtle hints of rusted berries, nuts and mossy greens. We will use a combination of substantial and beautiful materials not necessarily conventional flowers, moreover materials with lots of texture and objects such as nuts berries, granite, gnarled lichen engorged branches, slate and moss to create an overall picture of total unsuperficiality. The raw, natural materials will be set perfectly against the rustic, historic masculinity of Hoghton Tower. I intend to use fauna which will be representative of new beginnings, both nature and marriage symbolise renaissance. A balance between rustic and romance, in terms of colour and design is necessary and following this theme ensures this specifically with the bridesmaid’s gowns in mind. Highlighting the whole day with the romantic twinkle of clustered candle light will complete an extremely romantic look... those were my thoughts, my hopes and this is the realisation enjoy......

After delivering Caroline's Bridal Bouquets to the family home here in Lytham St Annes, we arrived at Holy Trinity Church, Hoghton nice and early to meet the Groom Matthew (I do hope you can see the romantic hero in him!) and his Groom's Men, the Boutonniere I designed for Matthew focused on the very wild "Ladies Slipper Orchid" (Paphiopedilum) together with a sprig of Lily of the Valley, Crocosmia & Hypericum Berries all which were used in his Bride's Bridal Bouquet.

We arranged huge hurricane lamps on stone pillars, with Gingers, Nerines, Hazel, Banksias and Golden Hornet surrounding the lamp.
The Groom's Men's Boutonniere'd were a collection of berries; Crocosmia, Albiflora, Hypericum and Rosemary & Ivy.
The very beautiful Bridsmaid's arrived wearing burnt Ochre, autumnal coloured gowns with a black wrap.
The bouquet I created for Caroline was in a “Flower Design” hand tied style with Lily of the Valley, Schwartzwalder Calla Lilies, Ivory Nerines, Rose Amnesia & Sahara, Cardifolium Leucospernum, Grasses, Lichen branches, Roses, Viburnum Tinnus, Oak leaves, Rosemary for remembrance, Ivy trails and berries, Mosses, Heather, Ladies slipper & Oncidium orchids.

The Bridesmaids Bouquets
I used Schwartzwalder & Mango Callas, Oncidium & Paphiopedilum Orchids, Skimmea, Lily of the Valley, Oak Leaf (Quercus) and Roses Amnesia, Hypnose & Sahara.

I love the colours throughout this wedding I think they reflect the season beautifully.

On the end of each pew I tied a simple nosegay of Crocosmia (Monbretia), Callas, Roses &Hypericum tied with some rough raffia

So many congratulations to this fabulous couple

The Brides parents, Janet, Bride's Mum is wearing a simple corsage of Amnesia Rose & Rolled Petals with some sprigs of fragrant Lily of the Valley.

Then to the spectacular reception venue Hoghton Tower

The entertainment was provided by the adorable Mr Paul Dobie
In the parlour we'd dressed the windowsills with mosses and candles
In the most atmospheric Banqueting Hall in Lancashire we'd gone all out with these fabulous "Living Sculptures" each table was dressed with its own individual design surrounding a plethora of chapel candles. Chairs were covered by Dawn from Creative Cover Hire

The Top Table, which is incidentally steeped in history, it's the original table where the piece of beef was knighted to become "Sir Loin"

The cake
I dressed it with complimentary co-ordinating flowers including a top section and then a swag that trailed around the cake.

Rowley's were the wonderful caterers and our great friends, they are truly superb caterers specialising in creating something seriously individual and totally delicious

These final three images were taken by professional photographer Martyn Pearson, many thanks to him for providing them.

At the end of the evening Caroline lined up her friends and the wedding bouquet took flight!

This was the most elegant and beautiful wedding, a fabulous family who were an absolute joy to work with.
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