Greys and Green's for Hannah & Andrew's Splendid Wedding Day at Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn

This was such a joyous wedding, jaw droppingly beautiful, ecstatically happy and with ridiculously huge buckets of great taste and a plethora of love and affection.
Our story begins a few months ago when Hannah & Andrew brought in their fabulous mood board, I loved their elegant invitations, I adored their plans for the seating arrangements and their ideas for the flower styling was right up my street
We created a gently cascading  bridal bouquet with copious amounts of fresh green and grey foliages and muted shades of Roses
A Verdi Gris Candelabra draped in Eucalyptus and an interesting clustered & textured boutonniere, helped to bring their ideas and dreams into a real and tangible form

Finally the big day arrived and I had the huge privilege of presenting our stunning Bride with her wedding bouquet in the little walled garden just behind the Bridal cottage

I'd used a heavenly fragranced collection of materials in this exquisitely and gently flowing bouquet; fresh Jasmine, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Olive, Philadelphus Gardenia, Sweet Peas, Spirea, Senecio, Sweet Peas, Earl Grey & Mentha Roses with Bowl of Cream peonies

The two Bridesmaids carried more posy shaped versions of the Bride's Bouquet, I showed all of them how to carry them and make the most of their beautiful flowers
These bouquets are all truly multi sensory, they smelt heavenly, looked sublime, felt cool and silky to the touch, they even sounded fabulous as the Eucalyptus leaves rustled together and if you really wanted to you could even taste the Dill and the Rosemary.

We have such a green and pleasant land, I do adore our British countryside, the lawn games were all set out in the courtyard

Inside the super atmospheric Tithe Barn the scene was set with our fabulous Verdi Gris Candelabras framing the ceremony space so perfectly
Fountains of Passion Flower and Jasmine flowed from our rustic candelabras with a few Peonies and Roses, Philadelphus Gardenia and Mentha Roses
A waterfall design stretched the length of the Registrars tables
Each of the window niches was filled with a relaxed design of fresh Dill, Hostas, White Lilac, Olive and Sweet Peas
Exquisitely scented Jasmine
White Peonies
Mentha Roses

On the second Registrars Table one of our Verdi Gris footed Urns was filled with Briza Meda, Dill, Spirea, Philadelphus Gardenia, Passion Flower, Jasmine, Sweet Peas, Earl Grey Roses and White Peonies

We lined up the individually created rustic boutonnieres, each one finished with jute string binding together clusters of Asparagus, Rosemary, Jasmine, Rose Buds and Sweet peas
The Bride Groom's special Boutonniere, was slightly larger than the others and included a very textured collection of materials; Senecio, Albiflora, Rolled Earl Grey Rose Petals, Spirea, Snowflake Rose Buds, Sweet Peas, Asparagus, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, we'd bound and tied them together with brown string

The Mother of the Groom's Corsage was designed to compliment her cream with coral and aqua floral print dress and cream jacket 
Hannah's super handsome Bride Groom Andrew was first to have his rather special boutonniere pinned to his lapel

The Gentlemen were wearing the Lingfield suit from Moss Bros
Beautiful Boutonniere of Jasmine, Roses, Spirea and Eucalyptus

The Bride Groom's Mum Gillian looked beautiful and her corsage matched her ensemble perfectly

In the Tithe Barn the music was playing and the candles were lit it was almost show time...
Our magnificent Candelabras looked so voluptuous and rustic

Josie went over to the cottage so that she could hand the bouquets over to our stunning Bride and her Bridesmaids
Hannah with her super proud Dad Gordon
Fabulously cascading Bridal bouquet of fresh Jasmine, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Olive, Philadelphus Gardenia, Sweet Peas, Spirea, Senecio, Sweet Peas, Earl Grey & Mentha Roses with Bowl of Cream peonies
The Bridesmaids were wearing pewter grey gowns and looked lovely

These Posy shaped yet relaxed bouquets matched their pewter grey gowns superbly, I'd included fresh Jasmine, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Olive, Philadelphus Gardenia, Sweet Peas, Spirea, Senecio, Sweet Peas, Earl Grey & Mentha Roses with Bowl of Cream peonies

Hannah was wearing a breathtakingly beautiful gown designed by Justin Alexander provided by the great folks at Lulu Browns

Huge & Ginormous Congratulations to Hannah & Andrew from all of the team here at Flower Design

Too gorgeous for words the brand new Mr & Mrs Boucher

The super dynamic and uber arty Dan Wootton was everywhere capturing all of the magic, we can't wait to see his images, I will be sure to share xxxx

What a brilliant guest book idea

Whilst the guests were enjoying their ice creams and fizz a transformation had taken place in the Tithe Barn, it was now set out in a wonderful 'Hogwarts' style
This classic banqueting setting reminds me of university dining halls, Buckingham palace state dinners, it has gravitas and romance in equal measure and is absolutely perfect at the wonderful Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn
Megan & the team from With a Twist had done a splendid job of laying the tables, I adored the candelabras and the low designs in between 
Our tall verdi gris candelabras provided height and rhythm throughout the room whilst the lower designs linked the table together creating a more organic look to the table designs

Extraordinary Passion Flower trails extend the top table design cascading over the ends of the table so decadently
Flowers and foliages tumbled over the front of the top table down to a fragrant scattering of Rose Petals

Our Bride had lovingly piped each persons name on to bars of chocolate marking their place at the grand table
Inside the With a Twist kitchen Chef Dan and the team were very busy 
With a Twist's 38 Hour cooked confit of Pork, apple puree, Lotus Root crisps and Micro Herbs, delicious!!xx

Outside the Girls were still enjoying their flowers which always a bonus,  the very lovely Terri-Ann really didn't want to part with her bouquet and who could blame her?? xxx
Natalie was balancing Champagne drinking with bouquet carrying like a professional Bridesmaid and very gorgeous she looked too
I loved how the Earl Grey Roses in their bouquets picked up the grey tones in their gowns so perfectly
These two are just completely gorgeous and had planned this wedding day so incredibly well, every detail had been considered and lots of hard work and diligence had ensured it's huge success, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and being a small part in bring their dreams to fruition, be happy always you two!!xxxxx
Cascading Bridal Bouquet in silver greys and greens with highlights in ivory

The third Bridesmaid looked equally as lovely with his Bridesmaids bouquet, though I did have to wrestle it from him to put in vessel of water for during the wedding breakfast xxxx

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, I really am going to miss these two, but hopefully I'll see them again for high days and holidays, many thanks to them both for having Flower Design Events on board, we had a blast!!!xxxx


Belinda Matchett said…
It was a beautiful day in a magnificent setting.
The flowers were gorgeous and the meal was delicious.

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