Peaches, Creams, Nudes & Coral Shades for Kirsty & Jordan's Stunning Wedding at St Peter's Church Salesbury & Eaves Hall

This was such a beautiful Wedding Day, we had looked forward to it for such a long time, our stunningly gorgeous Bride Kirsty and her lovely Mum had chosen all of my favourite blooms, the mood board Kirsty had put together was such a celebration of the style of flowers team Flower Design love working with the most.
The Mood Board is an essential part of our process, it helps us to understand fully what is in our client's minds, it inspires us to create some pretty spectacular sample designs leading to the very best final pieces. The Mood Board can be in any format though proper card versions are our favourite and the size doesn't matter at all, some of the best ones are quite small, we do however need fabric swatches from the Bridesmaids gowns, images of the Bridal gown and the Grooms suit with tie information, if possible a copy of the stationery, table and chair linen samples, Mum's outfits and anything else that is relevant, it's helpful if there are images of flowers and perhaps designs that the Bride & Groom would like to include. This is Kirsty & Jordan's Mood Board and it included everything we needed, the dress & suit images were sent over via email and kept hidden.
We'd created as a sample a tall elegant table design on one of our Crystal table stands, the design was so luscious yet intrinsically relaxed, we wanted to design something that could be used in Church as well as on the tables and this was a perfect suggestion
We'd also created a Baroque Candelabra
A suggestion for the Top Table 
The sample Bridal Bouquet was utterly gorgeous with fresh Peonies, English Garden Roses Juliet & Patience, Avalanche & Mentha Roses with Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, Astilbe, Stocks and Viburnum Opulus with grasses, Thalaspi and Seneceio

Finally the Big Day arrived and our Ruby and Adele presented our Bride and her Bridesmaids with their Bouquets

Our beautiful Bride Kirsty was busy having her hair done, while Ruby did her bouquet carrying lesson, but like all women Kirsty successfully multi-tasked and gave Ruby her full concentration

Ruby showed everyone how to carry their Bouquets perfectly

A fabulous Bridal Bouquet in shades of peaches, corals and ivories

Ruby & Adele headed off to St Peter's Church in Salesbury to place the pedestal designs, Pew End Posies and to meet up with the Groom an his party to pin on their Boutonnieres and attach corsages
Mum's Wrist Corsage designed to tone with her gold ensemble
The Bride Groom's Boutonniere of Lily Valley, Patience Rose with 4 Good Rose buds & Hydrangea florets 
The Groom's Men's Boutonnieres included Juliet Roses

Jordan, Kirsty's super handsome Bride Groom was the first to have his Boutonniere pinned on by our Ruby
The Bride Groom was wearing an all ivory Boutonniere where as his Groom's men were all given the beautiful Peach Rose Juliet

Inside this beautiful Church, St Peter's in Salesbury was dressed with fresh posies of sweet scented blooms attached to alternate pew ends and then two huge pedestals framing the ceremony space
Tall stone effect pedestal and urn stands were filled to overflowing with a voluptuous design of Roses, Orchids, Hydrangeas, Stocks, trailing Passion flower, Ivy, Sperengerii and grasses

The stunning Bridesmaids were wearing a coral shade and their soft peach toned bouquets looked perfect with their gowns

The Bridesmaid's were wearing fresh Roses in their hair

The Junior Usher was looking after the Bride's Bouquet, ready to hand it over once she'd got out of the car

Kirsty really did look utterly breathtakingly beautiful

So gorgeous!!!xx

Huge Congratulations to Kirsty & Jordan from all of the team here at Flower Design 

The celebrations moved on to the wonderful surroundings of Eaves Hall
One of our enchanted Trees welcomed guests as they arrived in to the entrance hall

Inside the dining room the scene was set for a spectacular wedding breakfast

A combination of table designs created rhythm and movement around the room

Our tall crystal table stand topped with floral magnificence
Baroque Candelabras
Posies of fresh Roses and Peonies along the length of the Top Table

Stunning Wedding Cake dressed with a floral topper and orchids
Posies of fresh flowers set on mirrors with candlelit votives and candlesticks along the full length of the table

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party, huge thanks to Kirtsy & Jordan and both of their lovely families (Particularly Kirsty's lovely Mum) for choosing Flower Design


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