Doves, Cobalt Blue & The Language of Flowers for Adele & Nicholas' Wedding at St John the Evangelist Church Lund & Bartle Hall

These two had such a clear brief, it really was huge pleasure to make it a reality, it involved lots of beautiful colour and Doves which were an integral part of their beautiful mood board. The dove is often used as a symbol for high admiration, the true value of unconditional love, it represents, grace, devotion, hopefulness, divinity and promise as do many of the flowers we used throughout all of the designs, each flower had special significance, we chose each one carefully taking into account the colour combination and symbolism
Our Josie had the great pleasure of presenting the lovely Adele with her Bridal Bouquet
This fabulous Bridal Bouquet contained a collection of truly meaningful and symbolic blooms: 
The beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid in the centre of Adele's bouquet is a symbol of Love, Delphinium represents infinite possibility, Snap Dragons mean Graciousness and Strength, Roses are an expression of deep emotion and true love, Freesia means perseverance and friendship, Daisies represent patience, innocence and purity, whilst Nerines meaning Allusion were used in secret love messages in the 18th century, Nigella were also included meaning 'Love in the Mist' symbolising a chain that binds lovers together, Peonies depict good fortune and a happy marriage
The Bridesmaids Bouquet toned with the cobalt blue gown and included a plethora of vibrant colour
Inside Lund Church the pews were dressed with posies of fresh sweet scented blooms tied to the end of each alternate pew lining the aisle

Just a head of the altar two simple designs framed the ceremony space

The Bride Groom's Symbolic Boutonniere included... A Rose an expression of deep emotion and true love,  deep red/orange fiery Freesia means perseverance and friendship, Daisies represent patience, innocence and purity,  'Love in the Mist' symbolising a chain that binds lovers together was snuggled into the pale blue Hydrangea meaning heartfelt gratitude

Adele's super handsome Bride Groom the lovely Nick complete with his seriously symbolic Boutonniere

Beautiful blue Love in the Mist and Eryngium Thistle Boutonniere
Cerise Pink Gerbera Boutonniere
The Groom's super proud parents
Freesia and Roses un-wired corsage

Here come the girls.....
The beautiful Bridesmaid was wearing a cobalt blue gown carried a smaller version of the Brides Bouquet

Adele looked breathtakingly beautiful....

Huge congratulations to Adele & Nick from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Releasing the Doves...
Sharing the love.....
Fresh Rose Petal confetti cones

Our fabulous Bride & Groom showered with fresh Rose Petal confetti

The festivities moved on to the glorious surroundings of the Windsor Suite at Bartle Hall where the tables were dressed  with a combination of low table designs
Bottles and jars all filled with significant blooms arranged simply and beautifully
Glass Cubes filled with a huge posy of fresh flowers and 'Doves'

A series of bottles and jars all filled with seriously meaningful blooms
The bottles spelled out the word FLOWER
The altar flowers from Lund Church looked perfect on the fireplace

The sunflower's petals have been likened to bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. In addition, the sunflower is often associated with adoration and longevity.

Many thanks to the lovely Adele & Nick for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them


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