Hayley & Simon's Splendid Outdoor Wedding at Bartle Hall

This was such a fabulous Wedding our Vicky & Ruby arrived back at FD HQ positively buzzing with tales of wonder and joy, beauty and elegance. Their first delivery of the day was to our fabulous Bride Hayley who was staying at The Preston Marriott with her lovely Mum & Bridesmaids
The Bouquets were created in shades of soft vintage pinks and pale ivories, I used a collection of Peonies, English Garden Roses, Hydrangeas and Sweet Peas
Hayley's beautiful Mum was wearing a Corsage of Bombastic Roses
Vicky & Ruby then headed off to the fabulous Bartle Hall to meet up with our Bride Groom Jonathan and his Groom's Men to pin on their lovely Boutonnieres, each one was created individually and was quite different from the rest but all of the Roses were the same varieties as those used in the Bridal Bouquets
Our Bride Groom's Boutonniere of a David Austin Keira Rose with Bombastic Buds, Sweet Peas, Rosemary and Thalaspi
The Groom's Mum's Lapel Corsage of Snowflake Roses with Gypsophilia
Hayley's super handsome Bride Groom Simon complete with his rather special Boutonniere
The Boutonnieres were pinned on the all important guests

The Groom's Mum looked so lovely and her Corsage of Snowflake Roses looked perfect on her jacket

The Bridesmaid's Posies were created as a smaller version of the Bridal Bouquet I included White Peonies, Quicksand, Bombastic, Sweet Avalanche and Keira Roses
The Bridesmaids looked heavenly and their posies complimented their gowns beautifully
Stunning Bridesmaids Bouquets in pale vintage pinks and ivories

The guests all made their way outside in to the beautiful gardens of Bartle Hall
Just across the front lawn away from the main house the 'Parklands Pagoda' was dressed for the wedding ceremony, our hooked lanterns and fresh Rose Petals lined the Pathway

One of our spectacular Enchanted Tree acted as pedestal we'd dressed it with candlelit glass baubles, fresh flowers and strings of pearls
Inside the Pom Pom decorated Pagoda we'd arranged a series of bottles and jars all filled with posies of fresh flowers
Roses, Hydrangeas, Stocks, Sweet Peas and Peonies were used to fill the various vintage vessel decorating the Registrars tables

The dresser just behind the Registrars table was also dressed with posies of fresh flowers

The pathway leading up to the pagoda was dressed with a profusion of fresh fragrant Rose Petals and candlelit lanterns hanging from lace and ribbon decorated hooks
The Bridesmaids were enjoying their sweet scented bouquets

Here comes the Bride...

Our Vicky making final adjustments to the Bride's Mum's Corsage

Our beautiful Bride looked breathtakingly beautiful as she arrived at Bartle Hall
How beautiful....

Huge Congratulations to Hayley & Simon from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

Our Enchanted Tree was now transformed into a magical seating plan

Strings of personal Photographs decorated the fireplaces

Inside The Windsor Suite the scene was set for a beautifully elegant Wedding Breakfast
Each table was dressed with a unique design we loved the glass bells over the posies of fresh flowers and then they were surrounded by tea lights and posies of fresh flowers

Clusters of fresh Roses and Hydrangeas in lace and ribbon dressed vases 

The Top Table was dressed with a collection of vintage style bottles and jars each one filled with a tied posy of fresh flowers

Our work here was done it was time to leave the party in full swing, huge thanks to Hayley and Simon for choosing Flower Design Events to create their wedding flowers for them


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