Fabulous Samlesbury Hall Wedding of Helena & Jason Featuring Some Sensational Lottie Designs Images

This was a such a beautiful family wedding and I was just so happy that the brilliant Charlotte Boothman of Lottie Designs was photographing the day, huge thanks to her for providing some beautiful images for us.
Jason presented our beautiful Bride with her Bouquet of Roses, Succulents, Grasses, Hydrangeas, Peonies and Sweet Peas
Jason doing the FD Events Bridal Bouquet carrying lesson
The lovely Bride's Mum's Corsage of Wax Flower Blossom, Rolled Rose Petals and Snowflake Roses
In this Gloriously naturally hand gathered Bridal Bouquet I included heavenly David Austin Patience Roses, "Bowl of Cream" Peonies, "4 Good" Floribunda Roses, Wheat Grass, Love in the Mist, Blackberries, Viburnum Opulus, Thalaspi, Amnesia Roses and Succulents
Our flowers always look so glorious in Lottie's images
You probably don't need me to tell you but these are now Jason's snaps, our fabulous Bride Helena looked pretty pleased with her Wedding Bouquet

Some beautiful close ups from Lottie really celebrate the detail in this beautiful Bouquet

Helena had matching fresh flowers in her hair
Back over to our Jason's snaps, he pinned on Helena's seriously handsome Bride Groom Jason's Boutonniere
Jason's rather special Bride Groom's Boutonniere included Thalaspi, Chasmanthium Latifolia, Wheat Grass, Roses and Hydrangea Florets
Helena's beautiful Mum complete with her Corsage in mocha and ivory shades

Inside The Whittaker Room at the fabulously atmospheric Samlesbury Hall the scene was set, the Registrars table and "Thrones" look so majestic, our posies of flowers were arranged on either side of the table leaving space in the centre for the Bridal Bouquet

Posies of flowers dressed the windowsills

The following images are of course from the fabulous Lottie Designs
Each posy was created individually and included a truly delicious collection of fresh English country garden blooms including Roses, Phlox, Hydrangeas, Blackberries and Viburnum Opulus
Wheat Grass, Panicum, Phlox, Blackberries tied with a string of pearls

Back to our Jason's pics featuring our lovely Boutonnieres and corsages

The arrival of the lovely Flower Girls

Lottie's stunning image of the little Flower Girls complete with their Posies
I do adore this fabulous wedding bouquet in shades of pale Green and Ivory
Back to our Jason's view of the day...

The fabulous Miss Boothman 

The fabulous Samlesbury Hall Team Julie, Sharon & Angela

A few more lovely ones from Lottie Designs

The celebrations continued in The Great Hall at Samlesbury Hall, such a magnificent space, the tables were dressed with a collection of candlelit designs

Candlelit Birdcages surrounded by a garlanded Wreath of fresh English country garden blooms

This is the last group of beautiful images all by the brilliant Lottie Designs
Our Crystal Cake stands topped with Stocks, Peonies, Peppermint, Hydrangeas, Roses, Herbs and Grasses and surrounded by candlesticks

Along the length of the top table a series of bottles and vessels  filled with posies of fresh flowers with miniature candelabras inbetween

The beautiful Wedding Cake dressed with fresh flowers

Jason's pics with all of the candles lit

Huge thanks to Helena & Jason for asking us to provide the fresh flowers for their wedding


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