A Flower Design Events Epic Wedding, Kate & Alistair's Browsholme Hall Full On Colour Odyssey... "Let Them Eat Cake"

In the words of "Marie Antoinette" ..."Let them eat cake" this fabulous wedding had almost more cake than guests but it was all part of the day, filled with bounty, filled with love and a stupendous amount of things I wanted to eat!!!!!!
 I loved Alistair and Kate from our very first meeting, we hit it off immediately. 
Their Mood board was finished in a trice,  and took pride of place in my office for a good few months, it was admired and feted by almost every visitor, as a consequence I knew it so well, I knew it's idiosyncrasies, the details, the dynamic but best of all I knew Kate & Alistair, and what they wanted to achieve, a day that was so personal, so intimate it could only have been for them!
Armed with a sensible budget it was such a pleasure to make up their ideas for real at the sample bouquet appointment, there were tears, tears of joy of course and the rest as they say is history!!!...

Happy and joyous Sunflowers featured as did a myriad of vibrant colour and sensational texture, the Bridal Bouquets were delivered and presented by Malcolm and I early on the wedding day
The vintage Cameo Brooch was attached to Kate's Bridal Bouquet
Mum's Corsage to her handbag (The largest handbag I've ever put a corsage on!!)
The Bouquet carrying lesson ensued to much hilarity!!!

Kate even had flowers on her little evening bag
Kate's fabulous Dad had to have a hot Pink Germini, which was pinned on to his jacket whilst he was having his hair cut!!

Malc & I headed off across country to the super atmospheric surroundings of Browsholme Hall to set up for the Ceremony and meet up with our Bride Groom the lovely Alistair
A little Milk Crate next to the Milk Churn at the front door filled with fresh flowers is the kind of attention to detail that Kate & Alistair loved
Our great friend and seriously brilliant patisserie chef and cake maker extraordinaire the wonderful Joe Hargreaves who with his lovely wife Janine created this profusion of  Specialised Cakes, inbetween and amongst the cakes are lots of lovely flowers

This is the other Cake table...

In the Tithe Barn the scene was set for the ceremony, four of our Lollipop Bay Trees dressed with fresh flowers framed the space perfectly

On the door just behind the Registrars table was  a fabulous "Welcome Ring" created from a hundred fragrant and vibrant blooms
Random bottles, jars and vases were filled with posies of fresh flowers hand picked and individually tied with vintage ribbons (Kate & Alistair's attention to detail again)

You may have noticed on the Mood board an image of a Bride on a horse, Kate loves horses so, we came up with this idea,  Dress Gregory (My daughter's Rocking Horse) in fresh flowers, I really hope Kate has a picture to match!! (I asked the photographer for some images but he must be busy!! if he does send me any I'll add them to the posting!!)
The windowsills were dressed with flowers and Birdcage lanterns
One of our fabulous Birdcage Card Collectors

The seriously uber cool Bride Groom Alistair wearing a Sun Flower in his lapel, now you just don't get any cooler than that!!!!
The Boutonnieres were all different created individually from the flower palette in Kate's Bouquet
Rather special Corsages for important lady guests
Phalaenopsis, Rose buds and Astilbe with Champagne Grass and Eucalyptus, heavenly
Groom's Mum's seriously special  epaulette corsage of Rolled Rose Petals, Orchids, Freesia and Wax Flower blossom with some Hydrangea florets to finish

I pinned everyones Boutonnieres and Corsages on for them
Everyone seemed delighted!!!

The Birdcage card collector was filling up nicely
The weather wasn't quite behaving how we'd like it to!!! but Malcom was holding doors open and Rebecca was providing a warm and reassuring welcome for Kate's gorgeous Mum

The Bride's Dad what else can I say but "Legend" oh yes and don't eat bananas in a moving car when you're wearing a posh suit!!xxx
Kate looked absolutely breathtaking and her bouquet brought the colour that the weather hadn't!!

Huge Congratulations to this terrific couple the brand new Mr & Mrs Collier, I'm missing our meetings already!!!!

The Bridesmaids looked so lovely

The superb photographer Mark Tattersall, I would love to have some of his images

Keeping the colour rich and vibrant I ensured that some of them matched perfectly with the fabric of the gowns

After a very jolly drinks reception the guests would be taking their places in the "Upper Barn" where random tables in a random arrangement were dressed with a vivid array of fresh flowers and cake!!!

On the "Ginger Rogers" table our three tier cake stand filled with posies of fresh flowers sat amongst the table favours, Kate's homemade chutneys and jams
One of our fabulous four tier cake stands with floral cup cakes
More random bottles, jars and vessels all filled with fresh flowers

I love these tea cup and saucer stands dressed with a vibrant array of fresh flowers
Vintage Jugs with hand tied bouquets

Tea cups with David Austin Roses
Bottles and jars, Physalis, Clematis, Cornflowers, Poppies, Roses, Sunflowers and so much more

The Card Collector was now full to bursting!!

Just how stunning is that cake Joe & Janine you are incredible

The team from "With a Twist" with their "Sausages on a washing line"

The fabulous Liz & Rebecca "Team Browsholme"

Martin from "With a Twist" was very welcoming in the kitchen!!!

Our work here was done it was time to walk away and leave the party, I was thrilled with the flowers and I know Alistair and Kate were too!!! Huge thanks to them and both of their marvelous families for choosing Flower DEsign Events to create their wedding day flowers!!xxx


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