The Romantically English Garden Wedding Day at The Gibbon Bridge Hotel of Debbie & David Robinson in Shades of Pink & Aubergine

When I started preparing the images and words for this posting, the memories of very happy appointments with the fabulous Debbie and her truly beautiful Flower Girl Holly came flooding back, we had such a lovely time planning the floral look for this intimate wedding day at The Gibbon Bridge.
Jason provided the all important bouquet carrying lesson, ensuring the girls held their bouquets beautifully and elegantly
A profusion of pink and purple summer blooms were used, fresh fragrant Lily of the Valley, delicious Peonies, Roses, Sweet Scented Lilac, Aubergine Zantedeschia and Sweet Peas created a heady mix of delightful country garden fragrance
Jason headed off to the "Orangery" at The Gibbon Bridge where he'd arranged to meet our lovely Bride Groom David, the boutonnieres and corsages were laid out in anticipation ready for Jason to pin them on to the important Bridal Party.
A beautiful corsage of deep purple Sweet Peas for the Bride's Mum
Debbie's seriously handsome Bride Groom David of course was the first to arrive, you just can't beat a punctual Groom!!!!
The Groom's very special Boutonniere was created in a style that matched his Bride's Bouquet and included many of the important blooms used; We put together an Aubergine Calla Lily, Lily of the Valley a sprig of fresh Lilac, Sweet Pea Floret and a Brodea blossom to create a rather special Boutonniere
The Orangery is used as a ceremony space at The Gibbon Bridge when the weather is inclement and a ceremony in their famous Band Stand is "Rained off" however this space is every bit as lovely, we dressed the area using two glorious Baroque style Candelabras on pedestal stands just behind the Registrars table, the fabulous candle lit design in the centre of the table completes the look
On all of the small and occasional tables around the Orangery we placed small posies in glass vases
These heavenly little nosegays included Antirhinnums, Purple Symphony Roses, Memory Lane Roses, Alchemilla Mollis, Hostas and Aubergine Calla Lilies
The Registrars table design included candles inside glass chimneys, if the ceremony had taken place outside the candles would have remained ignited

These particular Flower Design Events Baroque style Candelabras have a presence, they look sensational used as part of the ceremony dressings, large chunky pillar candles burn for days and the full and luscious floral design around the candelabra arms is both fragrant and colourful.

Dawn from Creative Cover Hire had provided the ivory carpet, Registrars table swag and of course the sashes on the guests Chairs, The Orangery at Gibbon Bridge is a superb ceremony space and with the finishing touches that David & Debbie had added the Orangery was truly their own reflecting their taste and personalities.

Our beautiful Bride Debbie was being given away by her very proud Dad John
Holly the completely adorable Flower Girl carried a small posy including her recently discovered favourite flower "Peonies" (She has great taste for a 9 year old! the future looks bright, perhaps a budding florist of the future!!)

The Bride and her entourage wait to meet the Registrars in the Reception area before heading down the aisle
Abbey & Aisling the lovely Bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the Bridal Bouquet, matching their deep purple Bridesmaids Gowns beautifully

The Flower Girl's Bouquet of Lilac, Sweet Peas, Peonies, Brodea and Roses looked exquisite and again toned with her deep purple gown perfectly

Holly led the procession into the Orangery followed by the Bridesmaids and our lovely Bride and her Dad

Massive Congratulations to Debbie & David from all of the team here at Flower Design Events

After the ceremony the Orangery at Gibbon Bridge was transformed into a magnificent single table banquet for 30 guests, the look was both opulent and celebratory in equal measure

We used two Silver Baroque style Candelabras with a low candlelit design in the centre, small vases with rose petals, diamante dew drops and tea lights sprinkled along the length of the table ensured a seriously romantic atmosphere for the dinner
These Candelabras are superb on a dining table allowing guests to communicate across the table, we used a magnificent array of fresh English Country Garden Flowers mirroring the magnificent Gibbon Bridge Gardens, we included in the mixture Spirea Blossom, Pink Peonies, Scabious, Hydrangeas, Amaranthus, Zantedeshias and a plethora of roses
The low centrepiece of the table was this lovely candlelit design of white Peonies, Hydrangeas, Sweet Peas, Spirea Blossom and Scabious, we'd used the design earlier on in the day for the Registrars table but we'd made sure that the design looked equally as good from all sides making it the perfect floral creation to sit in front of our Bride & Groom

The little vases that had previously been scattered around the room now took pride of place on the main dining table, each of these delightful little posies were tied with matching ribbons and could be presented to each of the lady guests at the end of the evening

White peonies, Lilac Lilac and deep purple Sweet Peas with Purple Symphony Roses I can't think of anything more lovelier!!!

The completely and very gorgeous brand new Mr & Mrs Robinson

The Bridal Bouquet was just beautiful combining the deep aubergine purples with the softer more romantic pink shades that the lovely Debbie was so fond of
Huge thanks to Debbie & David for trusting Flower Design Events to create their Bridal Flowers for them!


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