Alexis & Adam in Wonderland, A Mad Hatters Tea Party Wedding Day at St Annes Church & Mitton Hall

The Colours and flavours for this incredibly unique wedding day were inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...

"One summer day Alice was sitting on the riverbank with her older sister. Alice’s sister was reading a book and Alice noticed that the book didn’t have any pictures, which made Alice lose interest in it. Then as she looked out into the meadow, she saw something very peculiar. She saw a large white rabbit running past her looking at his watch saying “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late.” Then he popped down a rabbit hole."
This was such a wonderous wedding day, we'd all been looking forward to it for so long, Alexis & Adam are a sensational couple and we'd all had great fun planning and designing a really magical and memorable look for this very special day, Alexis & Adam now live in America and I can guarantee that everyone will remember this day forever.
The big reveal!! I love this part, presenting the bridal bouquets, it's such a beautiful moment particularly when the flowers are as vivid and vibrant as these are.

If ever there was a flower so perfectly matched to a person it would be the Sun Flower & Alexis, a match made in heaven I'd say!!!
The Bridesmaids seemed to enjoy the FD Events wedding bouquet holding lesson.

We tied Alexis' Grandma's wedding Rings and a lucky charm into the handle of her wedding bouquet

A Sunshine breakfast was all laid out on the terrace

We moved our attention to St Annes Church Singleton where the colourful theme continued with fabulous posies of Gloriosa Rothschild, Blue Hydrangeas, Sunflowers & Delphiniums were attached to alternate pew ends.

In the porch we arranged brightly coloured Bird Cages illuminated by chapel candles and decorated with Godetia, Nigella, Sunflowers & Delphiniums

We waited for the arrival of the super handsome Groom Adam

I pinned on his rather special Groom's Boutonniere

"Alice, being the curious girl she was, followed the rabbit down that hole and found herself in a land with many wonders. It was a wonderland. She met some interesting creatures including the King and Queen of Hearts, the Hatter, and the March Hare."
Adam's Boutonniere included Lily of the Valley, Rolled Petals, Memory Lane Rose, Hydrangea, Bombastic Rose Bud, Rosemary, Hydrangea, Viburnum Opulus Berries & Alchemilla Mollis. 

Each of the Groom's Men had individually designed Boutonnieres created specifically for them.

The Groom's Mum looked so elegant, we'd made her a lovely ivory corsage of Lily of the Valley and rolled Rose Petals.
The doorway into Church was framed by candlelit lanterns

A completely adorable Page Boy, wearing a miniature version of the Groom's Boutonniere.
Photographer Extrodinaire Jonny Draper was in attendance along with fellow professional Sam Clayton

The adorable little Flower Girl carried a miniature version of the bridal bouquet 

The seriously fabulous Brides Mum Shirley

The Bridesmaids really did look amazing in their midnight blue gowns, a perfect backdrop for their vivid bridal bouquets

Alexis was an absolute vision when she arrived at Church.

Massive and ginormous Congratulations to Alexis & Adam from all the team here at FD Events

The wedding bouquet was in an array of vivid colours and included Sun Flowers, Fresh Lily of the Valley, Viburnum Opulus, David Austin Roses, Gloriosa Rothschild, Delphiniums, Cornflowers, Green Hypericum, Grasses, Ferns, Blackberries, Nigella, Thalaspi and Love in the Mist.

The Celebrations moved on to Mitton Hall where a warm welcome from the Mitton Hall Legend Dave awaited them

The table designs were all inspired by Lewis Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland" this first table of "Drink Me" labelled bottles some filled with liquors others with fresh vibrant flowers, the central decanter included a hand tie of Delphiniums, Grasses, Anthuriums, Gonforicarpus and Gloriosa Rothschild.

One of the "Eat Me" Table Designs,  an elegant three tiered candy jar filled with fresh flowers, surrounded by mini candy jars some filled with jelly beans and others filled with fresh flowers.

The "Mad Hatters Tea Party Table" elegant posies of vibrant flowers in cups and saucers, sugar bowls and milk jugs, exquisite "Bauble Cakes" created by the uber brilliant Joe & Janine from Specialized Cakes.

This table design was one of my personal favourites the delicious bauble cakes from Specialized Cakes and florals cakes and displayed on a crystal cake stand together with exquisite vintage Noritake cups and saucers incorporating fresh flowers.

These Cake stands were truly tantalising with Specialized Cake's deliciously fragrant chocolate cups each individually decorated so beautifully, we arranged our own version "Floral Cups" in and amongst the edible ones.

In the orangery the Bird Cage lanterns looked perfect on the low coffee tables

"Alice also found herself changing sizes after eating or drinking things she found. One minute she was a few inches tall and the next she was nine feet tall. When Alice was in this land she expected the unexpected and didn’t think much of the unusual occurrences."

The top table design was a combination of the "Eat Me" & "Drink Me" tables


Alexis said…
Jane these pictures are amazing and tell such a story of our special day. You took our ideas on board and created something we couldnt have possibly done without you. A true wedding hero and a great team of florists. You've been highly recommended to just about everyone both in the UK and the USA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Shirley Payne said…
I would like to say a massive thankyou to Jane and all her team at Flower Design for making my daughters wedding so beautiful. Such a stunning array of colour put together beautifully!! It was truly amazing, Thankyou, Love Shirley xx
Adam Sears said…
Jane... what can i say. Everytime I look at these pictures (at least 5 times since you posted them today!!) I manage to see something new. You took our vision and turned it into something beyond our wildest imagination, don't think I'll ever forget that feeling of first walking into our reception room and seeing your amazing creations. Alexis and I are truly thankful for the time and energy put in by flower design on our most special day, you played a huged role in making it a day we will never forget, and as the americans would say, 'awsome job'!!

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