Part 4. Visit to Fleura in Aalsmeer, Holland Trip October 2010

Super Cool Hans introduced us to the team at Fleura, Metz and Fleura have merged this year creating a more dynamic overall service for the Metz customers, Fleura are primatily know for their huge Cash & Carry business across Europe, they have a massive presence at all of the major auctions.
As I've already described in earlier postings, Metz purchases it's flowers directly from growers which can limit the varieties available, conversley Fleura buys directly from all of the main auctions including Aalsmeer with a clear directive to buy at least a minimum number of stems of every single variety that passes through the auction, the result is of course maximum variety and absolute freshness for us the customer and our clients in turn.
Gerrit Groot chatting here with Jason is the Export Manager for Fleura, he'll be visiting us in the New Year, yet again on our trip Jason & I found a sincere willingness to learn and improve the service by seeing what we do and what our needs are.
These are the Fleura buyers buying on line, linked directly with the clock They were trialling various varieties of Curcumas and Chrysanths for vase life
Raymond van der Steen one of the sales team at Fleura gave us a guided tour of their enormous operation

Foliages taller than Hans, which we have been searching for over the past year, miraculously Raymond found us a phenominal supplier of exactly what we wanted

Raymond was excellent at tracking down the flowers and foliages we want to buy, many thanks to him for his patience and time spent with us, we really appreciate it.


Adele Yeomans said…
Fabulous - hope those lovely Dutch men looked after you

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