Part 1. Metz, Holland October 2010

Jason & I arrived at Metz HQ early last Monday morning, the very gorgeous and completely brilliant Hans Van Der Voot was in charge of us...I really wanted to know more about how Metz works, do they really get flowers directly from growers cut in the morning and transported to us in the afternoon, do they really not carry a stock of flowers chilled for days on end, are they really as nice as they seem or is it all a big act, these were the questions I wanted answering and proving, Hans had promised me an access all areas visit, no secrets just complete transparency and that's what the big man delivered....
Gorgeous flowers in the entrance, always a good sign, these people respect florists!

A posh lift, a bit like visiting the toilets in a venue even the utility bits are good!

Buyers and Salesmen, Managers and M.D's all very jolly, extremely welcoming and very prepared to answer questions.

Martin Vered is a very, very important man at Metz, he is in charge of the whole operation, he is also extremely impressive, we liked him a lot!

He is respectful of florists, he wants to know about what we do, he seems genuinley interested in how our business operates and how Metz can serve us best, he's visited us personally way back in the Summer which was excellent and we've benifitted from his expertise and his contacts.

Martin organised our staff training with Tim Huckerbee from Floral Stratergies and in the Spring 2011 creative workshops for our design team with some of the very best continental florists in the world have been organised and paid for by Metz, not only all of this but we have a trip planned to New York with Martin to visit the worlds best Wedding & Event Florists, you see Martin understands that the stronger his customers are the stonger Metz is, totally simple but totally brilliant!!!!!

This bit is pretty cool, all of the employees at Metz get to take flowers or bulbs etc home each week an opportunity to sample what they are selling, packing, preparing and delivering, this box belongs to Hans, you're going to be seeing much more of Hans this week!

The rest of the Metz Team's goody boxes

This is the top floor where the loose flowers are packaged, wrapped and checked

To answer some of my earlier questions, yes Metz definitely do get flowers directly from the growers and they are packaged and dispatched on the same day, their fridge is about the same size as mine so absolutely nothing can be stored other than Salal and some other foliages.

The sundries are up here also

Downstairs the famous Metz crates are loaded onto conveyer belts and the flowers are sorted

The girls then distribute them between individual orders, everything is checked by computer


The Huge computer screens let the loaders know exactly where the process is up to...

The numbers on the floor represent each customer and area for delivery

This was a really complex system but seriously quick, the bit and this is the only bit I was worried about was there doesn't seem to be time to sort out a duff flower, so if the pickers who are putting together your order come across a less than perfect bloom I couldn't see how it could be swapped there just didn't seem to be enough time, but hey Metz are excellent at supplying credits!


Tomorrow I'm going to introduce you to the most spectacular Vanda Orchid Grower ever Steef from Anco Orchids who supply Metz directly from plant to Metz HQ in about an hour.......


Wow - that's a hell of set up they've got there! VERY impressive!

Nigel said…
Jane.Really glad you enjoyed your visit to our HQ in Holland. Its good to see it in the flesh so to speak. I think you have got us spot on with what we are about at Metz and what we do. Thanks a lot. See you soon. Nigel @ Metz
Anonymous said…
Hi Jane,

It was a pleasure guiding you around, I have learnt a lot as well these 2 days. Speak soon.


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