A little Preview of Sarah & Leigh Stone's Wonderful Wedding Day

Well first of all let me tell you all what an amazing, fantastic and super brilliant day we all had at Sarah & Leigh's wedding yesterday, I took far too many pictures so it'll probably take me forever to do my full post, but for now enjoy these few little jewels of loveliness, they aren't necessarily the best of the flowers they'll come later, enjoy...

The Great Hall at Mains looked exceptional!

Huge Congratulations to Leigh & Sarah

My most favourite Brides Mum ever (except Sally), Michelle looked so stunning!

This is just a tiny fraction of this most magnificent day, I'll post more very soon.


Ali said…
I cannot wait to see the rest of ths post, I knew Sarah would be a spectacular bride and my goodness wasn't she. Jane the flowers are beyond words and phew that was a close comment re mothers of the bride! Michelle you looked amazing, lots of love x Sally

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