Tropical Fruit Salad Wedding at St Michael's & The Inn at Whitewell

You're definitely going to need your sun glasses for this one, I thought it the perfect choice for this bright April Friday, happy flowers for a happy weekend...
Welcome to the very lovely St Michael's Church Whitewell, where we arranged a dramatic pedestal design of Heliconias, Birds of Paradise, Gingers, Peonies, Pineapples & Peonies
This is the first week of the season for these glorious single hot pink Peonies
On the end of each pew a small posy of Germinis & Anthurium Fantasia
Our very handsome Groom wearing a lovely Mango Calla Lily Buttonhole
Simple Rose Corsages for the ladies

A fabulous Espresso Rose Buttonhole for the Junior Usher

Brides Mum looking very chic, we dressed her handbag with complimentary blooms.

The Bridal Bouquet was a truly tropical confection including Shampoo Gingers, Roses, Anthuriums, Heliconias & Birds of Paradise
The Bridesmaid carried a simple elegant bouquet of Mango Calla Lilies & Raspberry Vanda Orchids I chose the flowers carefully to compliment the unusual shade of bridesmaids gown
The Little Flower Girls carried magic wands of fresh flowers

Brides Dad has a Cezanne Rose in his Buttonhole

Huge Congratulations to the very happy coupleWe filled another little flower girls basket with fresh Rose Petals
I made Vanda Orchid brooches to adorn the Bridesmaids hair

Then the celebrations moved to the marquee at The Inn at Whitewell, we transferred the Church Pedestal into the marqueeAnd the pew end designs on to the back of the chairs on the top table
The tall vases filled with tropical fruits looked quite spectacular in the very simple marquee

I used a huge range of fresh tropical fruits and flowers to create this tropical fruit salad wedding, the colour selection included Oranges, Hot Pinks, Water Melon Reds & Greens.

This really is a unique choice of theme & colours for this particular venue, and to be honest I had my reservations, but I have to hold my hands up to the bridal party, it really did create a Wow! when you walked into the Church & Marquee, the sun shone all day which truly helped to bring everything together for a tropical paradise in the middle of Whitewell!


Adele Yeomans said…
Goodness Jane, good enough to eat! Amazing!

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