The WPO Ladies Day Flower Design Workshop at The Clifton Arms

The scene was set in the dining room at The Clifton Arms, Jocelyn Eglin had asked us to come along to the annual WPO ladies day to run one of our Flower Design workshops.
Each lady had their "Stage" on which they could create a masterpiece...
We got started with putting our foliage foundation in.The ladies really got into straight away

Jos was concentrating Bridget & Steph were giving it their all
Vicki (My own flower fairy) was there to assist, she looks surprisingly short next to Michelle & Jocelyn, I'm pleased I didn't have my photo taken next to them.
Alison, Izzie & Vivien
I showed them how to pull the pollen out of newly opened lilies
Pamela & Jan
Wendy & Andrea needed a sit down

The following post shows the completed designs together with their creator and also offers you dear reader the opportunity to vote for your favourite.


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