Christmas Door Wreath Making Part 2. Photographs by the Brilliant Jonny Draper

Please post a comment/your vote for your favourite Christmas Door Wreath (Particularly those of you who are florists!).

The winner with the most votes will be next year's poster boy or girl and will recieve the most extravagant Flower Design hand tied bouquet of Christmas Blooms collected from Flower Design in time for Christmas
Jenny D


Janet JoanSharon
JackieHelen & Nicola, Amy & Sharon

Mike & Gill
Emma & Jan
Carolyn, Gloria & Julie
Celia & Jane
Ann & Melanie Victoria, Tricia & Mandy
Jenny E Karen & Pam

Emma & the amazing Jonny Draper who took all the photographs apart from this one which is of course the best as I took it. To post a comment all you need to do is
Click on the word comments below.
Write the name of your favourite (and perhaps why you like it)
Choose your identity if you have a Google account use that, or choose anonymous.
Then click on publish comment (It doesn't come up immediately so don't panic)

Here's a link to Part 1.'s superb efforts please vote for your personal favourite from each workshop


Sprout said…
Put my vote in for Melanie - I'm a sucker for a tartan bow and I like the dried lemons. :-)
Anonymous said…
I love Carolyn's, very tasteful!
Anonymous said…
Lizzies is Beautiful, very nice use of colour and evenly distributed x
Anonymous said…
I love Emma and Jonny's matching cute! x
Anonymous said…
I agree Carolyn's is very small and perfectly formed

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