Manchester Children's Hospital Charity Lunch & Flower Design Demonstration 11th November 2009

The very glamorous and the very lovely Ruth & Cynthia invited us to do a Flower Design Demonstration following their luncheon, Jessica and I had a lovely afternoon with friends old and new, we sincerely hope that the event raised lots of money for such a worthy cause.
You may notice on this photograph that Jessica appears to have adopted the "Sally Look" of "What on earth is she talking about?" or "How am I going to stop her now she's started?" any suggestions you may have please comment below

Any way as you can see we started off with this glorious Advent Wreath, I included the first of the seasons Helebores (Christmas Rose), some exquisite white Nerines, White Roses and a plethora of evergreens.
My second extravaganza was this magnificent tall column vase from LSA, we contained the Ilex Verticularta Berries inside the vase and arranged Heliconia "Red Iris", Grand Prix Roses and Chocco Anthuriums, all in all quite a wonderous design.
Then to the Christmas Tree, this design was created on a large oasis cone, raised on two posy pad bases, the entire cone was then covered in carpet moss and Blue Spruce attached in a bough like fashion, the tree then was surrounded by a Dog wood Frame with glass test tubes attached at the corners.I then placed a selection of splendid seasonal orchids in the tubes, I used Vanda, Oncidium, Phalaenopsis & Paphiopedilum Orchids.
My audience as you can see were enthralled
These three lovelies are infact tamed professionals there's no need to avoid Accountants and Solicitors, I've learned to overcome my fears and be-friend them, should you need one of these scary types I have softened these particular ones up a bit they are Mary & Rose from Whittles Accountants and Mary Glancy from Apfel Carter Solicitors, they are also my very good friends.

Lisa & Deborah, Yvette & Jordana & the lovely Vickie(Here's a link to her fabulous wedding) The Girls from Central Radio Preston
The lovely Ruby who won the Christmas Tree
The Finished Christmas Tree Dripping in Orchids
The Completed Advent Wreath
And the "Knock Out" Vase design in scarlet
We hope everyone had a fabulous day and enjoyed our presentation I need to say a huge thank you to "Shirl the Girl", she prepared all of my pieces so beautifully, I don't know what I'd do without her!
Last but not least should anyone be interested in a Charity Flower Design Demonstration for next season October - April 2010-2011 please contact Jessica
she's planning next year's programme already and we really do love to do these events, our time is given absolutely free of charge, flowers and sundries are provided at cost.


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