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So last night we were asked to provide a selection of bridal bouquets for a preview of Dan Kerr’s 2009 wedding gowns. The wonderful Stephanie organised this fabulous event for their own lovely brides, it was an opportunity for these brides to see the superb selection of gowns modelled and paraded around the shop.
As you dear bloggers are aware I do like to have a good nosey around, last night was no exception, Shirl and I saw behind the scenes and I have to say this was extremely impressive, they have a team of wonderful seamstresses headed up by Gill they do all their own stitching altering and so on, I couldn’t even sew a button on so seeing this hive of activity left me in bewildered awe.

Stephanie & Liz were there to welcome everyone with a lovely glass of Buck Fizz and John & Joanne Kerr were on hand at all times for advice and guidance.
The models, Sheree, Emma, Jane and the adorable Shannon did the most incredible job of bringing these silk confections to life, not only this but they were extremely well informed seriously helping girls with their choices, I had no idea how important the positioning of a waistband is depending on your height.

We made three gorgeous bouquets to compliment the gowns and more importantly the models the lovely Sheree has such a stunningly beautiful look and it was just so easy to create something delightful for her to hold, I used Amnesia roses, Schwartzwalder Calla Lilies, Callicarpo, Skimmia & Viburnum Berries and as a little treat for all of us some fresh Lily of the Valley completed this exquisite bridal bouquet.

Then the divine Jane who has the most fabulous figure, she’s tall elegant and absolutely beautiful an “English Rose” so what could be more fitting than a hand tied wedding bouquet of fresh fragrant, blousy roses each one individually studded with a diamante pin. Every single gown that Jane wore looked like the perfect gown for her, I am so jealous of tall people.

The unique Howard Swing was doing his stuff, singing, dancing, he has a lovely repertoire and Shirl and I were thoroughly entertained as were so many lovely ladies.

For Emma who is simply blonde and gorgeous with a fabulous deep tan we created a sumptuous trailing wedding bouquet of white Phalaenopsis Orchids, her colouring ensured that these orchids shone and when she moved the danced and fluttered like little white butterflies.

Dan Kerr Bridal carry a fantastic stock of Bridal gowns, Bridesmaids and Prom Gowns, Tiaras, Menswear and shoes.

This was a superb evening extremely well organised and managed, enjoyed by all.


Anonymous said…
Just 'wow'. The dresses and flowers are equally stunning! Little Emily
Anonymous said…
looks amazing! cant wait to find 'mr right' (2nd attempt!!) and get chosing wedding stuff again! not sure how dad's gonna feel about that though....!
Anonymous said…
fabulous dresses and great people at dan kerr, i kept changing my mind which beautiful gown i loved best, feel like getting married again, to the same man of course ! S
Anonymous said…
What a superb evening we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, seeing the wedding bouquets with the dresses transformed them from beautiful dresses to wedding gowns what a great idea!
we will definitely be booking with flower design after this. B

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