Dentist leaves me speechless

Dentist smentist

Today I went to the dentist, I never ever need anything doing (Other than a complete re-alignment job and shiny new veneers both of which I can’t afford) no fillings or scary root canal work in fact absolutely nothing just a scale and polish.

Apparently the last time I went was April 2008 when I had absolutely nothing done and prior to that it was September 2007 and still nothing done, in fact the last time I needed treatment was 19 years ago, I said to Judith who has been my dental nurse for 17 years that I may as well leave it for another year before coming back as there are lots of people requiring last minute emergency work and I don’t want to take the place of someone with a genuine need, this is not possible six months is the NHS rule, other wise it seems I may be thrown on the dentist scrapheap of false teeth and plaque left to fight my way out of braces and bridges never to be seen in an NHS dentist again. Judith pointed out that neither of us would want this to happen, besides all else it would be a messy yet bracing experience.

For 20 minutes every six months I am left completely un-able to talk by virtue of Jim Benson having his fingers in my mouth (He is the only man in my life capable of rendering me speechless) Jason has suggested he should accompany me for my next visit he views it as a perfect opportunity to get his say!


Anonymous said…
Jane I think we will have to form an orderly queue outside your dentist so that we can all get a chnace to speak. Still love you lots though with or without a gag! Nic x

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